Wander with me! Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Alita and Colby we enjoyed meeting you all today in Placencia, hope to see you all out there soon. Safe travels through Belize and the rest of your journey, CAOE (Ninja team). Angela, Tammy, Scott and Bernard. Please follow along the wander team as they make their way to Argentina: http://www.wanderwith.me   Please follow alongContinue reading “Wander with me! Guess who’s coming to dinner?”

A gallon of gas or a gallon of milk ? Paradise has it’s co$t.

You decide! It was a little bit of a shocker at the gas pump the first time going to fill up in Belize. I kinda knew and heard the price was almost $6.00 US a gallon here in Belize but somehow I thought it would go down in price by the time I needed it.Continue reading “A gallon of gas or a gallon of milk ? Paradise has it’s co$t.”

Water Taxi in Belize beats NYC Taxi in views

Most places you go in Belize if you’re near water you won’t be crossing a bridge but taking a water taxi. We had a day of fun going from Placencia to Independence. The water taxi’s are pretty reliable, run on time and cheap. We’ll take a water taxi over a NYC taxi any day, andContinue reading “Water Taxi in Belize beats NYC Taxi in views”

Driving to Belize. Thanks for following us.

Day 16: It has been a while since I posted an update. We spent the weekend at Mountain Pine Ridge without internet service. We had a great time! The roads are dusty, rough, and scenic. We were invited to stay with some friends at their cabin, so we took advantage of the offering and theContinue reading “Driving to Belize. Thanks for following us.”

We’re in ! Belize that is.

It all went, our border crossing. We drove out of Mexico immigration and customs in less than 5 minutes, and as un-Belize-able as it may sound we cleared immigration, customs and got auto insurance in less than an hour and were on our way. Our first stop was not to far from the border inContinue reading “We’re in ! Belize that is.”

Don’t cross that border just yet!

Don’t cross the border yet until you stay at Gringo Dave’s in Chetumal. We have been to this resort several times now to camp in Chetumal before the Belizean border and just love it here. Gringo Dave is a very charming man. You can camp here or rent one of the lagoon front cabins.N 18 30.921‘ WContinue reading “Don’t cross that border just yet!”

And the beats goes on!

Emerald Coast to Tuxtepec: We stopped at a little roadside restaurant heading out of the Emerald coast for breakfast. We all ate very inexpensively (approx. $40 pesos each), and then got on the road headed to Veracruz. We made good time despite the many little towns that we drove through, all providing speed bumps (topes)Continue reading “And the beats goes on!”

Day 7 was supposed to be lucky.

  Day 7, well as with any adventure, sometimes things don’t go as planned. We got up without hurry as it was only a 3 hour drive to our next stop in Poza Rica. The continental breakfast was ok, but glad it was free. We headed out-of-town over the Tampico bridge, and through the toll.Continue reading “Day 7 was supposed to be lucky.”

We didn’t know Owls could be so mean.

Days 3,4&5: 1254, Total miles traveled After leaving Lafayette behind, and saying farewell to our friends, we hopped back on the road headed to Houston Texas, where we are meeting up with The Urban Treasure hunter, and his wife, Camera girl. The weather was good, and the roads better. As we approached the heavy trafficContinue reading “We didn’t know Owls could be so mean.”