And the beats goes on!

Posted: April 12, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Emerald Coast to Tuxtepec:

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We stopped at a little roadside restaurant heading out of the Emerald coast for breakfast. We all ate very inexpensively (approx. $40 pesos each), and then got on the road headed to Veracruz. We made good time despite the many little towns that we drove through, all providing speed bumps (topes) to slow us down. The skies were bright and the temperature perfect. The views were amazing. At times, you could see the ocean on your left, and a mountain range to the right. The roads were mostly good, winding through towns, mountains, etc. Elevations changed, but not too dramatically. We passed numerous trucks harvesting, what appeared to be kindling wood, possible for cooking fires, or sugar cane. It is amazing how high they can pack those trucks!
We found a stop off offering a towering view of the beach surrounded by mountains. Very picture worthy. This was probably the most scenic leg of the trip thus far. We tried to capture some of them in pictures, though they do not do it justice. As we neared Veracruz, we stopped to pay a toll. There haven’t been many along this route, which we are happy about. Coming into Veracruz, the traffic picked up significantly. The window washers were in full effect. I had to holler at one of them who decided he needed to sit on my hood to reach the middle, after I told him, “No”. We stopped downtown on the ocean front and took pictures and toured the area. Next we found a nice grill restaurant that offered great burgers. The staff was very friendly, and enjoyed “practicing” their English. Tammy had four years of Spanish in high school, and speaks the most in our group. I learned the crash course method after spending four months in Mexico in 2012. I have also practiced with Rosetta stone which helps. We all laughed as we took turns learning new words in each language. We stopped on the ocean front in the downtown area. There was much activity such as street vendors, work out stations, artistry, and sculptures. It’s a culturally, and visually stunning town. We really enjoyed our time there.
Back on the road we decided to head to Tuxtepec, where we would be in at a good starting point to head into Oaxaca the following day. The road we were going to take into Oaxaca is full of switchbacks, and mountains, so we wanted a fresh start. As we Left Veracruz, we were hit with another cuota (toll road). The roads were in great shape, although a little bumpy, allowing us to make good time. The route was fairly ordinary, but the time went by quickly. By the time we made it to Tuxtepec, we had been through several more cuotas. These fees were starting to add up, the highest fee being just over $11.00 U.S. We made it into Tuxtepec, found a place to stay, and tried the internet. It had a strong signal, but no internet access! Uhhggg! This is getting old! We are wearing out the McDonald’s. At least the wifi there is fairly steady.
Next up: Oaxaca! I love this town. We will be there for 2-3 days, hanging out at a known overlander hangout, Overlander Oasis. We most likely will be there with other overlanders traveling the Pan American highway. Stay tuned!


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