Everything you knew about Oranges is wrong.

Everything you know is wrong: Oranges aren’t orange.

I was a little baffled, well a lot baffled actually. Shopping for fruit such as oranges, lemons, limes and a few others in the farmers market, grocery stores and even on fruit sellers carts on the street, I thought because of the green color the fruit was not ripe yet! Well, I couldn’t have been more ‘WRONG! “

The green skin of an orange isn’t indicating that not enough of its natural color is coming through. … It’s only when the fruit is exposed to cold that the chlorophyll dies off and the orange color shines through. In South American countries and tropical countries near the equator, oranges stay green all year around. This also goes as well for lemons and a few other fruit.

Well there you go, a fun fact for you to remember on your travels.

Oranges at the grocery store

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