Organic, just the way I like it.

Since arriving here in Colombia, I’ve not eaten anything from a box, a can, or bottle. Well, there was the beer I had, it came out of a can, lol. Viva Colombia for keeping it fresh. The fruits, vegetables and the meats are from local farms just minutes away. Having two growing seasons probably helpsContinue reading “Organic, just the way I like it.”

The Shake down!

It was exhausting. Slow, as in having mountain bikes pass you going up hill. Slow, as in going down hill, gearing and lightly braking, having everyone pass you again. Cold, leaving Bogota’s mountains and sweltering hot across the farmlands, then entering the rainforest, before finally arriving two days later on the Caribbean coast, Santa Marta.Continue reading “The Shake down!”

Officialy, the Christmas season has begun.

In Colombia it’s traditional to light candles and let the fireworks explode on the 7th of December. This day is know as ” Día de las velitas” Little Candles Day. One of the most observed traditional holidays in Colombia, December 7th, the eve of the Immaculate Conception is a public holiday in Colombia.This day isContinue reading “Officialy, the Christmas season has begun.”