Extreme Homes Belize

Organic architecture, landscapes with permaculture, energy efficiency living!  Is it possible to use all these accolades to describe a new level of living standard in Belize? Not likely, until now. Rarely will an opportunity like this present itself. A unique living environment, income producing, and  retirement all rolled into the very best luxury accommodations. WelcomeContinue reading “Extreme Homes Belize”

Conquering the Cockscomb with a Legend !

Doyle Gardiner has a passion for educating visitors to Belize about his jungle, the Cockscombs Sanctuary as a matter of fact! In our opinion, he is one of the most  knowledgeable, professional, and entertaining guides we’ve ever had the pleasure of doing an excursion with. He’s guided World Wildlife Fund Photographers and had the opportunityContinue reading “Conquering the Cockscomb with a Legend !”

Crocolog or Crocodile and “Jungle Blessing!”

“Stop the boat!” I managed to stammer in my excitement. ” I see one! ” I continued to shout. Since we had begun our expedition up Monkey River we started joking around about how many logs we had seen that we easily confused for a Crocodile. “Green Horn” I’d shout at  the others on theContinue reading “Crocolog or Crocodile and “Jungle Blessing!””

The face of Central America is about to change.

Nicaragua just approved a proposed route for a $40 billion shipping channel across the Central American country that would compete with the Panama Canal. The proposed canal would pass through Lake Nicaragua, Central America’s largest lake, and will be between 230 meters and 520 meters (755 feet to 1,706 feet) wide and 27.6 meters (90 feet) deep. The proposed route stillContinue reading “The face of Central America is about to change.”

A venomous deadly last meal!

  Oh my, dear followers family if no one hears from us tomorrow, just know we died with full stomachs. We bought a big bag of Lionfish from our local fisherman here on the Peninsula. “It’s deadly, but it’s one of most delicious fish you’ll ever eat,” we were told. ” But we’ve cleaned themContinue reading “A venomous deadly last meal!”