Seriously, Central America is right under your nose.

Been thinking about your next travel vacation destination? Consider Central America! Now many think about the regulars, Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama to see the canal. Now I can’t argue with you, these are all wonderful spots,but have you giving some thought to Guatemala, tiny El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua. Well you should, They’re allContinue reading “Seriously, Central America is right under your nose.”

Is Nicaragua the new Costa Rica !

If you’ve been paying attention to Central America, and like us thinking about a place outside of America to call home, you’ve probably notice that Nicaragua is getting a lot of hype. We jumped on the band wagon a few months ago as we discovered how affordable Nicaragua is, also the people are very friendly,Continue reading “Is Nicaragua the new Costa Rica !”

Experience the most unique vacation ever! Swan Villas Belize is now open.

Back in July of 2014 we told you about an amazing new resort, investment property or retirement home in Placencia Belize. Well, great news, they are open and ready for business. These impressive organic handcrafted homes are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen, and are the only kind of its type in the entire caribbean. EachContinue reading “Experience the most unique vacation ever! Swan Villas Belize is now open.”

Central America to South America just got a whole lot easier!

After all the not so nice stories we’ve heard and read about getting across the Darien Gap, via roll on roll off, we’re happy to announce there’s a new player in the game. Ferry Express! Check out their link, read the reviews and see for yourself. We hope to see you out there.

This is how we do it! Driving Tex/Mex to Belize Central America.

Many of you have asked for help, guidance, directions, and more on the best way/route to drive from the Texas/Mexico border to Belize Central America. While this may not be the best route for you we hope this helps if you’re planning such a drive. While we’ve driven this route several times, we can tellContinue reading “This is how we do it! Driving Tex/Mex to Belize Central America.”

Central America travel in your 2015 dreams?

Making travel plans for Central America in 2015. We offer consulting. No matter what your means of travel are, overlanding, backpacking, biking, hiking or cycling. We can tell you the best places to stay, must things to do, and certainly make your Central American vacation an adventure you’ll never forget.

Get the pages before you go!

If you’re overlanding thru Central America or even beyond, make sure you get extra pages in your passport before you go. Many of the countries we’ve passed through will put a stamp in your passport indicating that you’ve bought a vehicle into the country, in addition to the stamp for yourself, and these stamps takeContinue reading “Get the pages before you go!”