We had a run in with the law in Durango!

**Note** I do not have many pictures in this post. Due to the situation outlined below, you will see we were much too busy to take pictures. If you have to have pictures, please read another one of our posts. Thanks! At Some time during the afternoon, we decided to head out to a campsiteContinue reading “We had a run in with the law in Durango!”

The Devils Spine almost claims another victim!

After driving down the Devils Spine from Durango to Mazatlan, just at the bottom of the last mountain I started smelling burning brakes. The Devils Spine is rural route 40 that runs across Mexico east to west, through the mountains and down to the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It’s normally about a 5 hour tripContinue reading “The Devils Spine almost claims another victim!”

Monterrey to Durango-A harrowing experience!

We packed up to leave Hildago first thing in the morning and met Homero as we were pulling out. Bernard pulled out a bag of clothes, that Jan from Houston had sent with us to distribute to needy kids in Mexico. There were soccer shirts amongst other clothes that were desperately needed in town. We asked him toContinue reading “Monterrey to Durango-A harrowing experience!”

Hidalgo Mexico- Not for the faint of heart!

I do not even know where to begin on this one. We experienced so much in such a short period of time. We left the border heading toward Monterrey Mexico. Angela found a campsite in Hidalgo that looked interesting. We decided to head in that direction to see if we could find a place forContinue reading “Hidalgo Mexico- Not for the faint of heart!”

Mexico Border crossing. We made it!!

We left Laredo headed for the bridge to Mexico. We had heard that bridge 2 was the better one to choose, primarily due to construction. This info was found online by visiting Mexico Mike’s webpage. It was a little nerve-racking not knowing exactly what to expect. We had researched and read and felt like we hadContinue reading “Mexico Border crossing. We made it!!”

San Antonio- Headed for Mexico!

We left Kendellville Texas headed toward San Antonio Texas around 2:30 pm after saying good-bye to the Urban Treasure Hunter and Camera girl. The trek was pretty uneventful. We saw some rural Texas landscape. As far as you could see, there was fields and scrub brush. Surprisingly, we did not see much in the way ofContinue reading “San Antonio- Headed for Mexico!”

There is treasure in them thar’ hills!

We left out of Scott Louisiana (The Boudin Capital of the World), just after noon on highway 10 heading west toward our next destination of Houston Texas. As we travelled along, we were greeted with our daily monsoon of rain. Fortunately, it didn’t last long and we were able to make good time. As weContinue reading “There is treasure in them thar’ hills!”

CAO Expeditions meet Chef Bourque- A Cajun Good time!

Day two was pretty uneventful traveling, unlike the previous day. We left Mobile around noon, saying goodbye to our couch surfing host, after taking down our tents and drinking a cup of coffee. Leaving the neighborhood, where we did a little “Suburban camping”, we noticed some interesting signs. Now these must be “special” Alabama only signs. IContinue reading “CAO Expeditions meet Chef Bourque- A Cajun Good time!”

And we are off!

It has been a trying past couple of weeks. You know from following our progress, all of the things we were trying to pack in with the trip preparations. The good news, we have completed everything that is going to get done. It seems, every turn there were three more things popping up that neededContinue reading “And we are off!”

The value of my head keeps going up !

Or so I would like to believe! It’s amazing the amount of times I’ve heard this week that I am going to get my head chopped off . For example, here’s an actual conversation at the gas station: Stranger ” Hey, nice truck, you look like you should be driving through a  jungle or something!Continue reading “The value of my head keeps going up !”