Mangrove restoration, can you dig it ?

by Bernard Barbour, photos by Tammy Barbour. A canal in Seine Bight Village is now sporting a new look. A Seine Bight Village mangrove planting project was carried out Saturday morning August 30. Over 20 kids from the village of Seine Bight participated in planting 121 mangrove seedlings in the canal. The kids worked veryContinue reading “Mangrove restoration, can you dig it ?”

Romance on the Hummingbird

Coffee at Café Casita del Amor on the Hummingbird Highway My wife calls it a cottage, I call it Victorian, or maybe you’ll think it’s a miniature castle. One thing you will notice though it’s eclectic funky psychedelic appeal will draw you in. Café Casita Del Amor is one of the most unusual eateries you’llContinue reading “Romance on the Hummingbird”

Glamping in Belize

Camping glamorously= glamping. We make it easy for you. Go ahead, play in the sand, snorkel, dive, fish and more. When you’re done, dinner will be ready, a roaring fire going and your sheets turned down. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves, we’re sure you’ll have the best nights sleep ever. Make yourContinue reading “Glamping in Belize”

Discovering southern Belize’s Mayan ruins. “Nim Li Punit”

“Nim Li Punit”  I had to say it a few times to get the pronunciation right. But getting right to these spectacular Mayan ruins wasn’t much of a problem. After a quick drive from Placencia down the Southern Highway, we finally saw the sign to take a right up a long steep unpaved hill. StoppingContinue reading “Discovering southern Belize’s Mayan ruins. “Nim Li Punit””

Placencia Belize. Why we love you.

We’re not going to write a long story here about why we love Placencia Belize. Surely you can imagine some of our many reasons.  The beach, it’s laid back atmosphere, the wonderful people. So as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy!

Do you know where your banana slept last night?

We’re always looking for recommendations from friends, blog followers, locals, travel magazines/guides and more for our next adventure while here in Belize. Surprisingly, we found an attraction right here close to us in Placencia, a banana farm tour. Recommended by friends, we emailed Evin Zabaneh who is in charge of the tours and set upContinue reading “Do you know where your banana slept last night?”

“28 nest in one night!” The Turtles need your help!

San Pancho Turtles 3 hours ago “28 nests last night. (one poached).”  Joslin Carson posted. I woke up to this message this morning posted by San Pancho Turtles on my Facebook page. I immediately went into a panic! 28 turtles laying eggs on the beach last night, wow right? Figuring each nest holds between 80Continue reading ““28 nest in one night!” The Turtles need your help!”

A great hop off for the Barrier Reef. Hopkins Belize

Asking most Belizeans where do they go for vacation and the answer is Hopkins. Of course our inquisitive minds wanted to know what it’s all about, so we set out on a road trip to uncover and discover why Hopkins.   As we turned off of the Southern Highway onto the road that leads toContinue reading “A great hop off for the Barrier Reef. Hopkins Belize”