Butterfly’s, Mariachi and Ninja camping !

Now that we had a catalytic replaced on the Rover, it was running super strong and even sounded better. Scott had some other mods done as well as the cat replaced and now the Rover had a nice growl to go with it’s awesome looks. “Time to get back on the road!” we high fivedContinue reading “Butterfly’s, Mariachi and Ninja camping !”

Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?

We stayed the night at the campground we found in Guadalajara. It had rained that day so the grass was wet and a  thick dampness settled in the air. It was nice to have some relief from the intense heat. Before setting up the tents, we stopped at an open air grille that offered aContinue reading “Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?”

It’s just the way it rolls off your tongue! Guadalajara! Guadalajara ! Guadalajara!

I practiced saying it over a hundred times, in many different accents and tones, and still couldn’t get enough of the way I loved hearing the name of the next city that we were approaching. “Scott” I would call over the radio. “Guadalajara is only one more hour” I’d say. “Scott”, do you think we’ll catch the rushContinue reading “It’s just the way it rolls off your tongue! Guadalajara! Guadalajara ! Guadalajara!”

What’s the ” Worst ” that could happen?

  After spending several days in Barra de Navidad and seeing the small surrounding towns of La Manzanilla, Cuastecomate, Isla  Navidad and Melaque it was time for us to push on. We now had to make it across the entire width of Mexico and head to the other coast. The other coast being the AtlanticContinue reading “What’s the ” Worst ” that could happen?”

Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!

We made it into Barre de Navidad just in time for breakfast and to meet a man named Tom. Tom offered to be an impromptu tour guide. We drove through town, looking at the nice homes and the unique marina layout. There were three roads that featured water front homes. A large lagoon made for some desirable homes sportingContinue reading “Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!”