Meet one of our Sponsor. Aieee!

Hello Tales of the Pan American Highway friends. Every week we will feature one of our sponsors. Those companies, people and organizations who toil quietly in the background to keep us going. We would like to publically thank all of our sponsors for their time, commitment and participation, assisting  us in making the world aContinue reading “Meet one of our Sponsor. Aieee!”

And now for the rest of the story………part 4

by Tammy Barbour So my husband looks across the dinner table at me one evening last year and said “Let’s drive to South America all the way to the end of Argentina.” I froze, my fork full of food stopping just short of putting it in my mouth. My first response was “What??” then “CanContinue reading “And now for the rest of the story………part 4”

Shaping up to be one of the best Art Festivals in all of Belize

The Placencia Belize Arts Festival is quietly shaping up to become one of the premier places to be this time a year on the peninsula. Staged on the historic longest longest main street in the world.Placencia yesterday. Mingling with friends, perusing lots of arts and crafts,  enjoying the food, this was a day we’ll notContinue reading “Shaping up to be one of the best Art Festivals in all of Belize”

“Tales of the Pan Am” We’re changing our name.

Dear friends, family and followers, the time has come, and we have found ourselves moving in a new direction. We’d like to thank all of you for your continued support as we transition. We are changing our name to reflect the new direction of our company.   Tales of the Pan Am! Tales of theContinue reading ““Tales of the Pan Am” We’re changing our name.”