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Meet one of our Sponsor. Aieee!

Posted: February 25, 2016 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel

Hello Tales of the Pan American Highway friends. Every week we will feature one of our sponsors. Those companies, people and organizations who toil quietly in the background to keep us going.

We would like to publically thank all of our sponsors for their time, commitment and participation, assisting  us in making the world a better place. Be it through a charitable donation of time, monetary assistance or just helping us spread the word about a particular project or event, all has been welcomed.

This week the spotlight is on:

Chef Ted Bourque

Lafayette  Louisiana

Always a favorite stop of ours whether coming from or going to Central America and beyond. No road trip through Louisiana is complete without stopping in to visit with Chef Bourque, his wife lovely wife Shirley,  and our favorite neighborhood friend ” No Air Time John” John Dupree.  Talk about the best Cajun cooking in Louisiana, a night of howling karaoke, and a warm send off in either direction, Chef Bourque, his wife, and the Lafayette crew keep us humming  along.  Known throughout Cajun Country for his famous cooking of authentic specialty dishes, be sure to tune in to his Youtube channel for mouth watering recipes and humorous stories about life on the bayou. You can also buy one of his books on Amazon. Aieee! Thank you dear followers for supporting our sponsors.

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by Tammy Barbour

So my husband looks across the dinner table at me one evening last year and said “Let’s drive to South America all the way to the end of Argentina.” I froze, my fork full of food stopping just short of putting it in my mouth. My first response was “What??” then “Can we even do that?”

That was his chance to explain his dream to me and get me on board. Excitedly, he spoke about the Pan American Highway, Aztecs, Mayans, Inca’s the Andes and Patagonia,  all sorts of exotic things. Luckily with my experience in driving with him through Central America before, I understood it all. I thought about it for a split second and then I said “YES”.
We do not have the HOW all figured out but the WHY is….. Why not and because we want to. We want to experience lands, people, and cultures different from our own. My husband and I are inflicted with the same incurable condition: an insatiable case of wanderlust that is currently flaring up for both of us.
We now have lots of travel books and have done tons of research on border crossings and logistics, etc. Over the next few months we will prepare for our grand journey which may take about a year. Do we have everything figured out or have tons of money saved for this trip? No. But our WHY is big enough to overcome any issues we may encounter. Besides, it is the journey, not the destination. And thus Tales of the Pan American Highway was born…… and now you know the rest of the story.
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The Placencia Belize Arts Festival is quietly shaping up to become one of the premier places to be this time a year on the peninsula. Staged on the historic longest longest main street in the world.Placencia yesterday. Mingling with friends, perusing lots of arts and crafts,  enjoying the food, this was a day we’ll not soon forget! We have attended the last three years, and enjoyed each one. However we’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of local artist participating. Sculptures, paintings, photography all genres were represented and many were truly amazing in their creativity. So, if you missed it, make plans now to attend next year. You be amazed and will certainly find that once in a lifetime piece of Belizian art that speaks to you.

by Scott Woodhams


Dear friends, family and followers, the time has come, and we have found ourselves moving in a new direction. We’d like to thank all of you for your continued support as we transition. We are changing our name to reflect the new direction of our company.


Tales of the Pan Am! Tales of the Pan American Highway!


Don’t worry. We are still all about fun, travel and adventure to new and exciting places. However we will not only cover Central America but Mexico, South America as well. As a matter of fact we will be spending a year driving the Pan American Highway through Mexico, Central America, and South America all the way down to Patagonia in Argentina. We will be documenting our journey with photos and videos hoping to immerse ourselves in the local cultures all along the way. In addition to our name change, we’ll be announcing our 2016 schedule. Moving forward, we’d like to thank all of you for the encouragement,  participation, and for following us.
Meanwhile, there’s nothing for you to do on your end but stay tuned and wish us luck. As always we’ll continue to bring you up to the minute information, stories, photos, videos,and  recommendations on interesting things to do and places of interest throughout Central America and South America. So, please continue to follow us on this journey and to let your friends, family and coworkers know.  If you have any questions about any place we are visiting, or think we should visit, please feel free to contact us. We hope to enlighten ourselves as well as you dear readers about the great diversity of our planet and learn to appreciate and celebrate our differences. We know you’ve come to expect the best in journalistic reporting from us, and we won’t let you down. Cheers and stay tuned.

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