“You’re driving to Belize?” What?

I thought Belize was an island ! It’s in South America right? When and where are you going to put your truck on the ship?” These are just a few of the crazy questions I get daily when I we tell people we are moving to Belize. Not everyone but many don’t know where BelizeContinue reading ““You’re driving to Belize?” What?”

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Well kinda…….

We own Land Rovers! Discovery II’s as a matter of fact. We use them hard, like they were meant to be. Stuff gets worn out fast, much quicker than a suburban mall cruiser. A typical day for us could require fording water, climbing mountainous switch backs, using our winches and more. We certainly don’t doContinue reading “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Well kinda…….”

Relax, every little thing gonna be alright.

  No plan, no clock, no train, ┬áno plane or traffic. Just the sky, the ocean, a little shade and sand under my feet. These are the days in Central America when you dwell back on your life and ask, what was all the fuss all about? Working to pay the mortgage/rent, going to school,Continue reading “Relax, every little thing gonna be alright.”