A hearty welcome at the King’s Children Home Orphanage

A hearty welcome at the King’s Children Home Orphanage by Scott Woodhams This week, we spent the afternoon at the children’s home in Belize. We were able to get 90 % of the list they had provided, that they were in need of. Thanks to all who contributed to the purchase! Ms. Leoni, the children,Continue reading “A hearty welcome at the King’s Children Home Orphanage”

Meanwhile…..back in Belize

Thanks to our esteemed  co-founders  and correspondents Angela and Scott Woodhams who are now “On the Road in Belize” we have these wonderful pictures to share of daily life there. Enjoy! And if you have any questions about traveling to and around Belize please check out: On the Road in Belize

What’s a chocolate lover to do?

What do we do in Belize when family comes to town? We make Chocolate ! by Scott Woodhams Yesterday we took a road trip on the road in Belize, down the Southern highway toward Punta Gorda. We took my brother and his wife Rebekah Lynn Woodhams, to Ixcacao Mayan Chocolate farm, one of our favorites!Continue reading “What’s a chocolate lover to do?”

Decent coffee in Belize?

Can you get a decent cup of coffee in Belize? by  Scott Woodhams My resounding answer is, Yes! We set out in search of a good cup of java, and we’re pleased to find at the end of a pothole ridden dirt road in Southern Belize, a beautiful resort called Belcampo. Here they offer cappuccino,Continue reading “Decent coffee in Belize?”