” UnBelizeable ! “

After driving thousands of miles through Mexico on both coast and through the middle of the county we were excited to get into out first Central American country, Belize.  After checking out of Mexico and crossing the bridge into Belize we felt a little relief, well actually a lot of relief. For one we knewContinue reading “” UnBelizeable ! “”

Chetumal, Mexico! We can see Belize from our own backyard.

Things were getting pretty excited again as we prepared to make our first border crossing into Central America. Leaving Mexico behind and going to Belize. Checking our paper work, passport, vehicle docs and so on, there was a little anxiety in the air. Almost so much worry about crossing the border that we didn’t giveContinue reading “Chetumal, Mexico! We can see Belize from our own backyard.”

Tulum, a Mayan city on the Sea.

The Mayan city of  Tulum stands 80 miles south and 700 years away of Cancun. But the contrast between the two can be measured in more than just distance and time. Cancun is a string of large resort hotels which did not exist prior to 1974 and which specialize in the expected. Tulum, on the other hand,Continue reading “Tulum, a Mayan city on the Sea.”

Off the beaten path in Cancun.

Yes, there is such a place. Not far away from all the tourist traps, high rise buildings, traffic congestion and cruise port, you’ll find El Meco. Now we were happy. Our main goal in the expedition was to stay away from touristy areas and find places like this. Just six miles from downtown Cancun lie theContinue reading “Off the beaten path in Cancun.”

What’s at the end of the Yucatan?

Today I continue to hear the song over and over again in my head, as we left Chichen Itza and headed on over to Cancun. ” On the road again, like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway” I hear it as if Willie Nelson was sitting on my shoulder. The miles orContinue reading “What’s at the end of the Yucatan?”

This part of the expedition is brought to you by the letter “C” Coatzacoalcos, Campeche and Cancun.

As we wrapped our tour of the city of Oaxaca, we headed down out of the mountains and began working our way to the coast. Our first stop would be in Coatzacoalcos, a coastal town, then Campeche. We  heard and read about the history, people and culture of this town as well as how beautiful it wasContinue reading “This part of the expedition is brought to you by the letter “C” Coatzacoalcos, Campeche and Cancun.”