5 Things you need to know about “Ibarra Ecuador” guide books won’t tell you.

  In this post ( Saturday 25th ) see details below. I will discuss why Ibarra Ecuador makes a great base camp for Northern Ecuador. Many of which are not in guide books. Lets face it guide books always have the same old top ten! In this forum I will openly discuss, untouristy but uniqueContinue reading “5 Things you need to know about “Ibarra Ecuador” guide books won’t tell you.”

Crossing borders in 5 easy steps, Colombia to Ecuador.

Hola, Friends! We crossed our first land border in South America yesterday. As many of you know from our past postings about our experience with border crossings, it’s not a fond memory. However, practice makes perfect. So in order to ease our stress level crossing borders, we’ve come up with five easy steps to makeContinue reading “Crossing borders in 5 easy steps, Colombia to Ecuador.”

Medellin’s combat zone turns a corner.

As we walked around Comuna 13, we began to notice the playfulness and joy in the children we’d meet. Affected by heartbreaking accounts of violence and strife, especially in Comuna 13 it was a welcomed distraction. ¬†However, in the last few years, it has transformed into a place of optimism becoming a livable, vibrant, andContinue reading “Medellin’s combat zone turns a corner.”

Guatape, a nice little surprise

Having only wanting to find a place to the park the trucks for the night, catch up on some sleep, and get up early the next morning to hike the stairs to the top of ¬†The Rock, we stumbled upon Guatape. Wow, what a surprise! This small village amazed us with its beautiful and ornateContinue reading “Guatape, a nice little surprise”

A win for Panama, almost a loss for us!

By Scottt Woodhams Photos by Bernard Barbour   How serious are Central American countries about futbol (soccer)? Let me tell you! Last night Panama won their game, so at midnight, the President declared a national holiday today. That’s all fine and great, but that means everything closes, including the shipping ports! Guess what we wereContinue reading “A win for Panama, almost a loss for us!”

Old Land Rovers and Colombian coffee

By Scott Woodhams @Life all Out   Yesterday we ventured out to visit a 125 year old coffee farm up in the Andes mountains, above Minca Colombia. We chose to take a Toyota Land cruiser instead of our trucks, due to the low clearance on the rustic “road” leading to the farm. Although we originallyContinue reading “Old Land Rovers and Colombian coffee”