On the road again.

Hello friends, family and followers. We’ve had limited internet and are spending many hours on the road these last few days heading north to the USA. We’ll be home for the holidays. Not to worry if you haven’t seen many updates, but they are coming. So please stay tuned we’ll have a lot to tellContinue reading “On the road again.”

We survived Belize’s most dangerous highway.

On Belizean maps, this road is called Coastal Highway. We refer to it as “The Axle Buster, Shock Knocker, and Hellway Road”. Its 33 miles of thrills and chills from start to finish. Why it’s called Coastal Highway we don’t understand. It’s nowhere near Belize’s coast line, and you certainly can’t do highway speed. RentalContinue reading “We survived Belize’s most dangerous highway.”

“Belizean Jungle” Ranger for a Day.

Ranger for a day, huh? It sounded easy enough for me, just like when I was a kid. Thinking we’d show up, put on a ranger hat, walk a little through the rainforest and return back to base camp, we’d be done before lunch we thought. Nope, nadda, nyet, what were we thinking? We soonContinue reading ““Belizean Jungle” Ranger for a Day.”

Flores Guatemala. The last Mayan hold out.

Flores Guatemala This quaint quiet island city in the middle of Lake Peten is certainly worth checking out. Only a half day drive from Placencia Belize, we recommend making a weekend out of it.  It was here on the island of Flores that the last independent state of the Maya civilization held out against theContinue reading “Flores Guatemala. The last Mayan hold out.”

Candelaria Caves, the entrance to the underworld.

The Candelaria caves is a large natural cave system in the municipalities of Chisec and  Raxruha in Guatemala.  This impressive cave system is sacred to the Q’eqchi Maya, and stretches continuously for some 29km (18 miles). The main gallery, Tzul Tacca, is almost 60m (200 ft.) high, 30m (100 ft.) wide, and 200m (650 ft.) long, andContinue reading “Candelaria Caves, the entrance to the underworld.”

Lunch at crater lake.

Lunch at Coatepeque. Lake Coatepeque (Lago de Coatepeque) is a large crater lake in the east part of the Coatepeque Caldera, not far from Santa Ana, El Salvador. There are hot springs near the lake margins. At 26 square kilometers (10 sq mi), it is one of the largest lakes in El Salvador. In theContinue reading “Lunch at crater lake.”

Land Rover Club El Salvador. Land Rover camaraderie knows no borders.

Land Rover Club El Salvador Land Rovers owners are a special breed. I know of no other marquee where complete strangers will wave at each other when passing in traffic, or will stop to talk or help a driver of the same brand. When parking at a supermarket we’ll search for other Land Rovers andContinue reading “Land Rover Club El Salvador. Land Rover camaraderie knows no borders.”

Need more off road prowess? ARB and Ironman San Salvador can help.

Over landing, camping, or just modifying your 4×4 in El Salvador? For all your ARB & Ironman parts visit Quatrotec. Let Guillermo help you make the right decision for your special 4×4 needs. We were impressed with their selection of parts, knowledge, and know how. And they will do your installation right on the spot.Continue reading “Need more off road prowess? ARB and Ironman San Salvador can help.”

Joya De Cerén, the Pompeii of the Americas.

Joya De Cerén El Salvador should not be missed. UNESCO says this about this site. Joya de Cerén was a pre-Hispanic farming community that, like Pompeii in Italy, it was buried under an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano c. AD 600. In fact, it is nicknamed “The Pompeii of the Americas”.  Because of theContinue reading “Joya De Cerén, the Pompeii of the Americas.”

You can’t make it this far without problems.

I looked down at my odometer just after crossing the border into Nicaragua and made a mental note to myself that we had now clocked up over 10,000 miles since we left Augusta Georgia back in April. Now if I were back home I could easily rack up 15,000 miles or more commuting around townContinue reading “You can’t make it this far without problems.”