A gallon of gas or a gallon of milk ? Paradise has it’s co$t.

Posted: April 28, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

You decide! It was a little bit of a shocker at the gas pump the first time going to fill up in Belize. I kinda knew and heard the price was almost $6.00 US a gallon here in Belize but somehow I thought it would go down in price by the time I needed it. Or maybe I would be able to buy a lot of it in Mexico and make it through Belize. But no way no how, the price is the price. After spending $125.00 to fill up my 25 gallon tank I went into the store to pay. Just glancing over to the food aisle as I go to the counter to pay for my gas purchase I see that a gallon of milk was also $6.00. Lucky for me I’m lactose intolerant, lol. So the next time you think gas is expensive there in the US, just think about us here in Belize. We may be in paradise, but paradise has a cost!

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