The Panama Canal. Ships go in and ships come out!

I remember learning about the Panama Canal when I was in Elementary school. “Bernard” my teacher would yell I as buried my head deep in my history book. “Yes ma’am” I’d snap back out of my adventure fantasy of being there when the Canal was constructed. I’d see myself hacking away through the jungle, slowlyContinue reading “The Panama Canal. Ships go in and ships come out!”

A camper by the sea

Our first night in Panama, quaint and quiet. The ocean waves ever so gently, just enough to lull you to sleep. Fireflies bring magic to the darkness. Thunder rolls and lighting flashes off in the distance. Silhouettes of Islands. No wifi, no cell phone, just stillness. No turtles laying eggs, no raccoons to over turnContinue reading “A camper by the sea”

Viva Panama

A euphoric feeling overwhelmed us as we crossed the border into Panama, our last Central American country. After going through the usual and customary process of getting stamped out of Costa Rica and into Panama we felt a calm and relaxing feeling come over us. Costa Rica was amazing and we began to think howContinue reading “Viva Panama”