Driving from the USA to Belize or vice versa?

Thinking about driving from the USA to Belize or vice versa, as well as in and around Belize, well help is here. We’ve started a new Facebook page community with up to the minute information from those who are on the road to and from Belize as well as driving around in the country. PleaseContinue reading “Driving from the USA to Belize or vice versa?”

Get your “Chocolate Fix” on Route 66

Well actually there is no route 66 in Southern Belize, but we thought the title was catchy. See, we decided to explore southern Belize today. We were headed to a town called Punta Gorda or PG. The trip started out a little rainy, but by the time we reached PG, the sun was beaming. OurContinue reading “Get your “Chocolate Fix” on Route 66″

Doctor prescribed ” Off Roading !”

Quite recently we found ourselves not trekking through jungle but in a strange new predicament……..traffic! Yes that seven letter word. Backed up for miles like traffic. The kind that makes us want to pull over and pop up the roof top tent and wait it out. See, our normal is driving off road, through theContinue reading “Doctor prescribed ” Off Roading !””

Have you heard about the Tampa to Cancun Ferry?

Have you heard about the about the possibility of a ferry service from Tampa Florida to Cancun Mexico. Well if you haven’t we’d like to be the first to tell you about it. Since November 2011, there has been talk and it appears that things might come together for this service to start this summer.Continue reading “Have you heard about the Tampa to Cancun Ferry?”