We didn’t know Owls could be so mean.

Posted: April 7, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Days 3,4&5: 1254, Total miles traveled After leaving Lafayette behind, and saying farewell to our friends, we hopped back on the road headed to Houston Texas, where we are meeting up with The Urban Treasure hunter, and his wife, Camera girl. The weather was good, and the roads better. As we approached the heavy traffic going into Houston, we noticed the sign for the HOV lane. Quickly changing lanes, and we were flying by the traffic congestion and avoiding the toll road (benefits of having more than one person in the car). We had reservations at Steven F. Austin State campground. We pulled into the campground and were met by our friends. They had a screened in shelter at the campsite. We set up the roof top tents while visiting. TJ (aka Urban Treasure Hunter) is also an excellent Cajun chef. He whipped out his deep fryer and began frying fresh tilapia on the picnic table. Wow! Food cooked outside is always the best! We got the campfire started and of course indulged in some smores. As the girls were sitting around the campfire talking something fell from the trees. Part of it hit Angela on her shoulder, and part hit the ground with a splat. They jumped up to see what it was. All of a sudden Tammy spotted the Barred Owl sitting directly above her chair. It had decided to let loose! We got some good pictures and Angela moved her chair. I don’t know, but I think she is one in a million. I mean how many people do you know that have been crapped on by an owl??  The next morning TJ was up bright and early and had coffee made and started on the bagnets’. Yes, bagnets’ out of this world! Man, we were being spoiled with all of this great cooking. We had to run into Houston to pick up a door lock part for the Landrover. It had quit locking on the driver’s door. Heading into Mexico loaded down, we definitely wanted to be able to secure it. With the part in hand we were able to fix it. That evening TJ cooked a pot of seafood gumbo over the fire. It was amazing! A little karaoke around the campfire before we decided to stop singing and let the cub scouts at the next campsite get some sleep. Sunday morning was our last morning, and TJ sent us off with Pappaduex (French Toast). We sure are going to miss all of this gourmet cooking! We took off down the road toward Brownsville Texas, to prepare for our border crossing in the morning. We will be crossing around 8 am, and hope to make it to Tampico by mid afternoon. I am writing this from a campsite just outside Brownsville Texas called, Palmdale RV resort. It is a 55 and older community with a pool, hot tub, community center and lots of activities. No, we are not 55 or older, however the owners were very nice and allowed us to camp for the night. The site cost $37 total for both vehicles. When we arrived, we were invited to the ice cream social at 6:30 ($1.00 all you can eat!) With bingo to follow. Very nice offer, but after driving all day, we are ready to relax and unwind. Its going to be a big day tomorrow! Stay tuned as we update you from Mexico and then Belize!





  1. chefbourque says:

    T.J. and Laura are excellent hosts. I’m glad the gang had a fun evening. Be safe on your trip and hurry back. Aieee!

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