Horsing around in Ixpampajul

After driving thru a severe storm since the border crossing with Belize, we finally made it to Ixpampajul. Setting up camp was a muddy soggy experience. I actually had to put the truck in four wheel drive, because the ground was so soft or risk getting stuck. Finally done, we went for a quick walkContinue reading “Horsing around in Ixpampajul”

Stopping the flow of goods and services, between Belize and Guatemala…… not intentionally.

Our border crossing into Guatemala went as expected. Leaving Belize we were approached by the money exchangers. “ Quetzales, Quetzales, Quetzales” they shouted to get our attention. There is no bank or ATM at the western border between Belize and Guatemala so it’s a common practice to exchange some money with them in order to payContinue reading “Stopping the flow of goods and services, between Belize and Guatemala…… not intentionally.”

Silk Caye

Sunburn, exhausted, and water logged ears drums, we reluctantly made our way back on board the Panga heading to mainland Placencia. Did we care we were in such battered condition, would we do it all over again? Yes, we all agreed! An amazing adventure, Silk Caye was. Delighting us for the moment we arrived tillContinue reading “Silk Caye”

Where’s the Air Conditioning?

I’ve always had this fantasy of driving an old Land Rover since I was a kid. I remember seeing the first one on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, bouncing through the jungle with that spare wheel on the hood, no top, the front windshield folded down, and cool safari guys hanging on for dear lifeContinue reading “Where’s the Air Conditioning?”

The fastest woman in Central America

Yesterday was great, as I had an opportunity to volunteer at the Kaina Martinez 5th Annual Olympics Games for the kids in Seine Bight Village. Thanks Rodolfo Sáenz de Ugarte for inviting me. Born 20 February 1986 in the Garifuna village Seine Bight, Stann Creek District, Kaina Martinez is a Olympic Belizean athlete. True toContinue reading “The fastest woman in Central America”

Introducing our travel partners, “Life all Out”

Dear family, friends and faithful followers. You’ve probably noticed the Ford Earth Roamer in many of our pictures and the cute couple that navigate it. Our fantastic friends Angela and Scott Woodhams have been our travel partners for many years, and this trip to the most southern tip of the planet, Ushuaia Argentina is noContinue reading “Introducing our travel partners, “Life all Out””