To Teacapan and beyond- Vive Mexico!

We left Mazatlan feeling rested and a bit reluctant. We had such a good time, right there on the island, that it was hard to leave such a spectacular place.¬†Was that the climax? Had we peaked on our trip, or was there more to come? What adventures lied ahead? All of these questions crossed ourContinue reading “To Teacapan and beyond- Vive Mexico!”

Mazatlan -We finally made it to the coast!

We had made good time getting into Mazatlan, so we were confident we would be able to find our campsite before dark. As we drove up the highway, things began to take on the big city feel again. 3 lanes of steady traffic met us about 10 KM before we actually got to town. TheContinue reading “Mazatlan -We finally made it to the coast!”