Florida to Yucatan Ferry? Is it going to happen?

  This morning, we received a ferry update from Bruce Nierenberg, CEO of United Caribbean Lines, the company that is looking to start the Florida to Yucatán route. “First let me apologize to all of you who have been so patient in waiting for the new ferry service to begin. My partners and I haveContinue reading “Florida to Yucatan Ferry? Is it going to happen?”

WikiOverland, the encyclopedia of Overland Travel.

Since we’ve been overlanding through Central America,  we’ve  come to realize there are many Overlanders out there in the community who are extremely supportive and helpful to others planning to set out on a grand adventure. Many of us try our best to post information on our blogs, Facebook, twitter, discussion forums and other socialContinue reading “WikiOverland, the encyclopedia of Overland Travel.”

Rumfish. It’s whats for dinner

Sitting there enjoying fine dining and ambience you could imagine yourself in some swanky upscale high-priced restaurant in NYC, LA or Paris. Other than watching the locals and tourist stroll by on the small one lane street below did I continue to remind myself that I’m on a small peninsula, Placencia. It’s was my wife’sContinue reading “Rumfish. It’s whats for dinner”

Here’s an excerpt of our drive from the USA to Belize……..enjoy!

What should we do this weekend?

The Land Rovers are full of gas, the tents have been cleaned and the call of adventure is calling. What should we do? Cave tubing, hiking and bird watching or boating, fishing, and snorkeling ? You decide. Any of our dedicated followers that recommend the best plan of action (adventure) will have an honorary mentionContinue reading “What should we do this weekend?”

Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.

All good things must come to an end, and we knew our time was ticking to a close in Antigua. As much as we wanted to stay another week, month or maybe a year, the day had come when we had to trek back to Belize. Getting an early start and topping off with whatContinue reading “Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.”

Antigua was calling us, we had no choice but to go.

Antigua, Guatemala! It’s been calling us. The city of eternal spring, in the highlands of Guatemala has been quietly whispering to us. We had no choice but to go. Surrounded by volcanoes, hundreds of cultural things to do and places to eat and shop, we couldn’t resist not going any longer.  Exploring Antigua is aContinue reading “Antigua was calling us, we had no choice but to go.”

Need Land Rover repair, parts, service or even a new Landy in Belize?

Call these folks! LR-BELIZE LTD., also called “Land Rover Defenders in Paradise”.  Today we had a grand time,  stopping in to talk with legendary Graham Herbert and his wife Joyce. You can’t and shouldn’t miss their shop at mile marker 63 on the Western Highway. As owners and fellow Land Rover enthusiast we found it hard toContinue reading “Need Land Rover repair, parts, service or even a new Landy in Belize?”