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A virgin passport………

Posted: May 19, 2017 by bernardbarbour in Expedition/Travel

by Bernard Barbour

I have four passports now. All starting back from 1987. Prior to that, being in the military I could travel most places on my military ID and or drivers license. However, when I found out I needed to get a passport, thus began a novel idea of wanting to travel as many places as i could go and get as many stamps as I could, thus filling up every page. Looking back now it looks like I did a pretty good job, especially with two of my passports as they are almost full. As I look through them sometimes, vivid memories flash in my head of my adventures. Wow, I think to myself, I have really been quite the wanderer. Cyprus, Morocco, Chile, Bahamas, lol. Yes, from our cruise ship I walked to immigration and got the stamp. ┬áMaybe deep down inside I’m a passport travel stamp collector. How did this come about? Gibraltar, Ecuador, Canada, El Salvador and many more stamps adorn the pages. What memories.

Interesting enough in the last few years it’s been harder to get a stamp depending on where you go. In Europe for instance now, sometimes it’s almost impossible if you don’t fly into an airport to get a stamp. One time taking the train and driving around Europe you now have to go local immigration office to get a stamp. There’s no guard or border crossing agency at the border now. Funny when you arrive there to request a stamp in your passport, they want to know why you want a stamp? Sounds crazy, but true.


Well as our big trip looms I had to get another newer passport with 43 fresh pages in which to collect stamps……woot woot! Look out world I’m on a mission to fill this virgin passport! Hoping to fill it up soon. Will there be a 5th passport?