Nicaragua canal ? What are your thoughts?

Chinese entrepreneur reveals route for Nicaraguan canal     For hundreds of years, men have dreamed of building a canal across Nicaragua, conquering this volatile land of volcanoes and rain forests and breaking Panama’s monopoly on global shipping. Now that dream has moved a step closer to reality as a Chinese entrepreneur unveiled his route forContinue reading “Nicaragua canal ? What are your thoughts?”

It’s official ! Belize is Happy.

You read it here first, and we’re happy to tell you. The Travel Channel has just officially acknowledged something that we’ve always known – Belize is one of the Top Ten Happiest countries in the world. A new Travel Channel article,” World’s Top 10 Happiest Countries”, uses the 2013 global Happy Planet Index to compile this year’sContinue reading “It’s official ! Belize is Happy.”

What are your thoughts! Costa Rica to close the zoos and free animals?

We thought our readers would want to know what one beautiful Central American Country is planning on doing.  The news has been buzzing lately about Costa Rica’s plan to close their zoos and release all the animals into the wild. We’d love to hear your feedback. You can read more about this plan here: reading “What are your thoughts! Costa Rica to close the zoos and free animals?”

Help Wanted! Mateo the Sea Turtle and family need you.

This is Mateo, Tammy and I adopted this baby sea turtle hatchling down in San Pancho, Mexico that is being released tonight. We got to name him after we made a small donation to this wonderful facility called Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde Our Daughter Kristen is currently there now on a two  month volunteerContinue reading “Help Wanted! Mateo the Sea Turtle and family need you.”