Monkeys on a plane?

Well it didn’t happen that way, but our day got so mixed up it seemed like it could happen.   We broke camp saying our goodbyes to our new friends at Swiss Palm Garden, Inka and Jorg were great hosts. We had a fantastic time getting to know them, going out to eat Italian and a lotContinue reading “Monkeys on a plane?”

This Costa Rican Life

So much to do, see and experience here in Costa Rica. We thought the best way to explain this, is to show you in pictures. Enjoy.

We’re looking for a shipping partner

Hello fellow travelers out there on the Pan Am. We’ll be arriving in Panama soon, you know what that means, we’ve got to get around the Darien Gap to continue the expedition into South America.   Therefore we are hoping to share a 40 foot container from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia some time inContinue reading “We’re looking for a shipping partner”

An earthquake, a blown power panel, trapped by a flood, and a moma having babies………

Where do I start? I guess at the beginning, so get a cup of coffee or a beer because this is going to be a long post. Starting with the mornings events and working my way backwards is going to be the best way to bring you up to speed. We woke up to theContinue reading “An earthquake, a blown power panel, trapped by a flood, and a moma having babies………”

From Leon to Lake Apoyo

  Our trek from Rancho Los Alpes near Leon to Laguna Apoyo was  scenic, easy and uneventful. After saying goodbyes to our new friends, Michele from New Zealand, Axel and his family, Alma and her parents Jim and Gina, we hit the road. Getting a much later start than we anticipated we still made itContinue reading “From Leon to Lake Apoyo”