Leon Nicaragua exposed ?

We tried, walking every street, going in churches, courtyards, stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more. But we found that Leon Nicaragua is just so big, beautiful, vibrant and sprawling that we’ll need more than a few days to discover it all.  Leon’s markets are full of colors, smells and merchants that are eager to haveContinue reading “Leon Nicaragua exposed ?”

More than we can keep up with.

It’s been a super busy week for us, more than we can keep up with. While I’d normally try to post most of our adventures, we’ve had more than a few days without internet. So for now, I’ll just surmise  how our week has been.   We left Copan Ruins and headed to D&D BreweryContinue reading “More than we can keep up with.”

Exploring the unexplored

By Scott Woodhams @Life all Out   We had another absolutely incredible day today in Honduras! Daniel and Dorothy (@adventurecopan) picked us up early in their Toyota Troopy. This is a coveted vehicle in the States, and even rare here in Central America. Our trip began on pot holes roads, leading to a dirt roadContinue reading “Exploring the unexplored”

It’s not adios, it’s hasta luego

by Tammy Barbour Alas, we will be packing up to leave Copan Ruinas on Friday. We have done so many incredible things while here. We’ve explored all over the lovely town, climbed the vast Mayan Ruins Copan, hiked a private waterfall deep in the mountains, and learned all about the bird rehabilitation at Macaw Mountain.Continue reading “It’s not adios, it’s hasta luego”


We’re enjoying our time here in the small quaint town of Copan. Tuk tuks speed by everywhere and are always readily available, taking you anywhere around town for less than a dollar. The Zocalo (central park) is aways full of  food vendors, and people watching seems to be the greatest past time event. Near ourContinue reading “Copan”

Macaw Mountain

Macaw Mountain, aimed at saving Central and South American Macaws and other parrot species, we found this sanctuary absolutely amazing. We’ve never seen so many beautiful birds in one place and all being meticulously cared for. There are many of them here, along with toucans, parrots, kingfishers and orioles, all flying around in spacious, humanelyContinue reading “Macaw Mountain”

Quetzales, Pesos and Lempiras, oh my!

by Tammy Barbour Have you given much thought to the art of handling cash when visiting multiple countries? I call it an art because you want to have enough local currency to get you through to the current country you are exploring with some left over to convert to the next country’s currency as well.Continue reading “Quetzales, Pesos and Lempiras, oh my!”

Honduras, we have arrived!

  After a short drive through Guatemala, we reached the border with Honduras. Kinda thinking we knew the drill, we were directed to pull over, present all of our papers and then allowed to proceed to the actual checking out of Guatemala formalities. Getting our passports stamped, and then the vehicle legally out of GuatemalaContinue reading “Honduras, we have arrived!”

Down on the farm in Guatemala

    What a great way to end our day and last evening here in Guatemala. After saying our goodbyes to our great friends Lori and Timothy Sunday in Guatemala City we hit the road headed towards the border with Honduras. We’ll be crossing over tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing Daniel and DorothyContinue reading “Down on the farm in Guatemala”

Sleep Well, My Child

Fixing a leaky roof, building a child a safe and comfortable bed, and playing with the children, were all in a day’s work. Today we visited the town of Pacaya de Ricon. This rural village is located on the opposite side of where popular volcano hiking day trips take place. All day long many hikeContinue reading “Sleep Well, My Child”