Expats, tour guides and video store housing!

We packed up and hesitantly started down the road toward Puerto Vallarta first thing in the morning. We had such a good time in Sayulita, that it was difficult to leave, but the road was calling. My check engine light had been giving me some problems since the trip into the jungle the day before.Continue reading “Expats, tour guides and video store housing!”

Sayulita to Barra de Navidad……almost

We heard a lot of great stories about the next town we where headed to “Barra de Navidad ” said Scott to me, ” that’s the next destination”. Our plan also included a stop in Colima  see the Volcano,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colima_(volcano) .  All the while staying on the Mexico 200 Pacific coastal  route. Now, you see when youContinue reading “Sayulita to Barra de Navidad……almost”

In search of the hidden Petroglyphs- Adventure awaits!

This will be the last story from Sayulita, so enjoy! We will be moving down the road. The day started out like so many others in beautiful Sayulita. The sun was shining, the waves were lapping the shores of the sandy beach, and the chickens were making themselves known to the entire village. We didContinue reading “In search of the hidden Petroglyphs- Adventure awaits!”

Turtle shift ? What were we thinking?

After Angela left we waited in Sayulita. It was sad to see her go, but we knew she would be in better hands at home and could get the care that she needed. Meanwhile as we waited the next day or so to hear news about how she was doing and how long she mightContinue reading “Turtle shift ? What were we thinking?”

Spanish Lessons and a poolside Barbecue in Mexico!

While staying at the Amazing Hostel enjoying all the amenities it had to offer, we began settling into a daily routine. Each morning we awoke to the sound of roosters across the street, the local gas trucks trumpeting their products across the loud speakers, and finally a morning workout including running on the beach andContinue reading “Spanish Lessons and a poolside Barbecue in Mexico!”

From Beaches to Jungles- Mexico has it all

Still in Sayulita waiting on Angela’s return, we decided to take the trucks out and find some adventure. Not too far off of Hwy 200, there was a barely noticeable cut out in the overgrowth along side the road. The unpaved road, appeared to be more of a two track driveway. We didn’t know where it led,Continue reading “From Beaches to Jungles- Mexico has it all”