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About Me

My idea to see  and explore Mexico, Central  and South America started innocently. Initially thinking a friend and I, we’d buy some Land Rovers, take a few months to a year off work and travel, overlanding and camping. Who knew my need for travel, fun and and adventure would and could change my life so dramatically. Discovering Mexico, Central and South America up close and personal by driving a vehicle, certainly has. Initially starting camping trips in the US in roof top tents, now I have fully enclosed truck camper. Visit the vehicle page for more info.

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The Route

Traveling in a high quality custom-designed expedition vehicle and staying in a combination of campsites and boondocking, this is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.   From national parks, ancient ruins, boat trips and trekking, I’ll be exploring it all, and I enjoy you taking you along. Thanks for coming.
I’ll be taking the Pan American Highway from the USA to Argentina, about a 13,000 mile trip one way. The south bound portion of the trip will start in June 2017 and end in March 2018. Plans are to ship the vehicle back from Buenos Aires to Tampa Florida. After returning to the US part two of the trip is to drive from the USA to the top of the Pan American Highway in Alaska. This part of the trip will start in the Fall of 2018.
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My travels throughout Central and South America will take in everything from jungles bursting with wildlife, active Volcanoes, remote villages, Mayan-Inca-Mapucha, pristine beaches and wonderful markets. I’ll explore colonial cities, the temples of ancient civilizations like Tikal, Palenque and Copán. I’ll visit colorful highland markets, salsa the night away and delve into the wild green areas of  Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and more. Central and South America is filled with mystery, tradition and outdoor adventures in abundance, and I am looking forward to exploring it all.
Who am I
 A U.S. Army veteran having served in the military for many years as a combat photographer. I’ve gained a multitude of knowledge in survival, and traversing off-road. My experience spans the globe taking me to numerous countries. The adventurous type, I’m  always travelling and leading expeditions, sight-seeing, off-roading, and surviving the elements. I think my charismatic and can do attitude makes me an excellent guide and host, lol. I am a passionate, kind individual with a heart for people.  Bringing a  smile to all who meet him, with his infectious laugh, I happily volunteer with the children’s Special Olympics each year, providing encouragement and joy to the children who participate.
Belize 2013 Expedition 354


I am committed to giving back in any required capacity, including manual labor, support, prayers, financial, and encouragement as deemed appropriate. This expedition will be enjoyable, eye opening, satisfying and life changing. The roads will lead through many towns, country’s and lives. I hope to make a positive impact on everyone I meet.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW, you guys are really awesome! No wonder I haven’t seen you guys around Augusta lately, you’ve been trotting the world! I want to join you guys, send me some info!

  2. I currently live in costa rica y going off road 4×4 is my life….i am definately interested in participating in any type of 4×4 expedition…if its 1 week or 1 month i am willing.also if i have to pay…thats fine whatever the cost. Can you please tell me more..also if any up coming event is happening. Thanks brandon

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