Land Rovers in Paradise (Belize)

Yeah we get a little excited when we see these old Landy’s still trudging alone down here in Belize. As an old Military outpost the country of Belize was full of  them many years ago, now they are getting harder to find and prices for a good used one have been going up. The oldContinue reading “Land Rovers in Paradise (Belize)”

“Auction” Mennonite style in Belize

by Scott Woodhams Mennonite auction ahead! We had heard about an auction going on this past Saturday on the Hummingbird highway, mile marker 31. We left Bocawina zipline around 7 am, plenty of time to make the 8:30 am auction. As we pulled up, my heart dropped (or my stomach as it may)! The auctionContinue reading ““Auction” Mennonite style in Belize”

Ziplining over the Jungle! Oh my!

Scary, fun, exhilarating, breathless ! We could use many of these words to sum up the awesome time we had ziplining on Central America’s longest zipline, but not just one word could express or convey what ziplining is like here. Just north of Placencia, about 45 minutes heading up the Southern Highway you’ll find this treasuredContinue reading “Ziplining over the Jungle! Oh my!”

On the Road in Belize “Like” us and share.

We are happy to announce that “On the Road in Belize”, and CAOE are collaborating to bring you up to the minute and timely information about happenings in and around Belize. If you’re interested in knowing what’s happening in Belize then “On the Road in Belize” is just for you. We’ll bring you featureContinue reading “On the Road in Belize “Like” us and share.”

An American Traveler Shares Her Thoughts on Mexico

We are proud to announce our own Tammy Barbour has been published in Banderas News. Congrats Tammy   An American Traveler Shares Her Thoughts on Mexico Tammy Barbour – May 12, 2014 Mexico is a beautiful and geographically diverse country. We have seen gorgeous beaches, breathtaking mountains, farmland, arid areas, lush tropical areas, jungles,Continue reading “An American Traveler Shares Her Thoughts on Mexico”

Need a Lift? Trust Ironman 4×4 Belize

Need a lift? We’re the official Belize distributor for Ironman 4X4. We specialize in getting you the parts you need, suspension, off-road lights, bumpers, and more. Call or email us for your needs 501-627-1276 Belize. For over 50 years, customers have put their trust in Ironman 4×4 suspension and accessory products. Many fleet, military, recreational users and armoredContinue reading “Need a Lift? Trust Ironman 4×4 Belize”