Scarlet Macaws in the wild? These beautiful large parrots, with vivid red, yellow, green and blue feathers call Red Bank, Belize home.

Red Bank Village (pop. 800), in Stann Creek District, is the seasonal home of one of the largest concentrations of Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) in Belize, and in fact, all of Central America. Not long ago this sleepy Mayan village first came to light after a group of researchers investigating the migratory patterns of this beautiful species discovered large flocks of Scarlet Macaws, apparently coming via the Chiquibul forest to eat a special fruit that grows in the area.

Researchers note that the macaws are seen in this area for only a brief period of time each year. They emerge from the depths of the Chiquibul forest and congregate around Red Bank, with a voracious appetite for the ripe fruit of the Annato and the locally-named, “pole wood” trees, which cover the hillsides. When this fruit season has passed, they depart, only to return the following year. This season fluctuates, as does the reappearance of the macaws.

 A great place to stay and start your excursion from to see the wild Macaws in nearby Placencia is Swan Villas. Make your reservations now to join Swan Villas on an exploratory trip to search for and and get a glimpse of these magnificent macaws in the wild. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.



A colorfull macaw parrot perched on a branch

gwkiss image Scarlet_Macaw_Wild_OSA_Costa_Rica

  • Mile 16,5 Road to Placencia.
    Maya Beach. Placencia
  • Phone: USA +1 617 419 0182
    BELIZE +501 621 1393

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