Sleep Well, My Child

Fixing a leaky roof, building a child a safe and comfortable bed, and playing with the children, were all in a day’s work. Today we visited the town of Pacaya de Ricon. This rural village is located on the opposite side of where popular volcano hiking day trips take place. All day long many hikeContinue reading “Sleep Well, My Child”


Story by Scott Woodhams Photo’s by Bernard Barbour One thing I love about traveling, is spontaneity. If you allow yourself to veer off course and explore the unknown, it is common to be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Yesterday, was another one of those incidences. We had heard about a Castillo (castle) near whereContinue reading “Spontaneity”

Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.

All good things must come to an end, and we knew our time was ticking to a close in Antigua. As much as we wanted to stay another week, month or maybe a year, the day had come when we had to trek back to Belize. Getting an early start and topping off with whatContinue reading “Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.”