“28 nest in one night!” The Turtles need your help!

San Pancho Turtles 3 hours ago “28 nests last night. (one poached).” ┬áJoslin Carson posted. I woke up to this message this morning posted by San Pancho Turtles on my Facebook page. I immediately went into a panic! 28 turtles laying eggs on the beach last night, wow right? Figuring each nest holds between 80Continue reading ““28 nest in one night!” The Turtles need your help!”

Sayulita life is the life for me!

Ahhh waking up in Sayulita is an experience that cannot be compared. The first thing you will notice is there are several roosters around the hostel. The funny thing is they do not tell time. The first one starts, “COCKA DOODLE DOO”! at 2 am. Of course not to be out done, the neighboring roostersContinue reading “Sayulita life is the life for me!”