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Sunburn, exhausted, and water logged ears drums, we reluctantly made our way back on board the Panga heading to mainland Placencia. Did we care we were in such battered condition, would we do it all over again? Yes, we all agreed! An amazing adventure, Silk Caye was. Delighting us for the moment we arrived till we departed, we snorkled the entire island, had a huge lunch barbecue and then swam with the sharks, turtles and rays. More video of our under water shenanigans coming soon. Trust us you’re going to love it. Meanwhile enjoy the pics and thanks for following.



I’ve always had this fantasy of driving an old Land Rover since I was a kid. I remember seeing the first one on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, bouncing through the jungle with that spare wheel on the hood, no top, the front windshield folded down, and cool safari guys hanging on for dear life while taking photo’s of Lions, elephants, and Rhino’s. Since we’ve been here in Belize, I’ve noticed a few of just such old Land Rovers around the country from time to time, but have never had the opportunity to check one out, until today.  All the while thinking how cool it would be to explore the natural beauty of Belize in an iconic old Land Rover, and just enjoying this simpleness of the machine, this dream keeps circling in my head. No air conditioning, power steering, radio, not even windows! Less stuff to fix or worry about breaking, I thought. Until today!

As you know we’ve been working on the Royal Rover feverishly trying to get it up and running so we could take it out for drives while we’re here, and it’s coming along slowly. Meanwhile we spied another old Land Rover here on the Placencia peninsula owned by an enthusiast. “I think I saw a Land Rover peeking out of that garage” I told Scott as we drove down the street. “Lets swing around and check it out” he said excitedly. “UnBelizeable” we both exclaimed as we pulled into the driveway and there it sat. A 1980 Land Rover Defender Military edition, in all it’s glory with the camouflage paint, canvas top and some cool looking crossed swords painted on the door. We introduced ourselves  to the owner, and before we could finish our conversation about our Land Rover restoration project, he said “Have a look” and we most certainly did. From top to bottom, front to back, and meanwhile asking a thousand questions about it’s history, we were drooling. ” It runs fine” he said. “I’ll fire it up and you can take it for a spin” he added. “Now if you’re not back in ten minutes, I’ll come looking for you! ” he said with a chuckle.


Then, off we went and my fantasy started to dissipate. He warned me that there was no power steering, air conditioning, radio, none of that. “You have to manhandle it” he said with a smile. It took me several minutes to get out of the driveway doing a three point turn wrestling the steering wheel as sweat poured down my face. Once we got it going, it was bitter sweet, but “where’s the air conditioning?” I said turning to Scott. “Two windows down at 55!” Scott said laughingly as we drove along. It was quite entertaining and fun to drive an old historical vehicle like this especially in Belize, but the though of driving it any more than twenty minutes over rough terrain was sobering. How did those British Military soldiers survive driving these old Landy’s all over the country. Hmmmmm.. mad respect for them I’m thinking now.


Time to turn around. Another several minutes and a three point turn, we were on our way back. “Did you enjoy it?” we were asked. “Most definitely” we replied. We much appreciated his kindness and for us a memory we’ll soon not forgot. Especially that I need a/c, power steering, a radio, and windows. Have I gone soft and spoiled, you betcha? In all fairness though, I love these old Land Rovers so much and it really wouldn’t bother me to do without the modern day comforts. I still see myself just bouncing around in the jungle taking pictures of wildlife. Me, my camera, and the Landy. Maybe one day. Do you have a fantasy with old cars? We’d love to hear about it. Keep the dream alive.

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Swan Villas, Belize
Take a slice of the Blue Caribbean Coast of Belize, add award-winning architect, and your own passion for life into the mix and what you get is magic.  Swan Villas is an exceptional project conceived by two partners who determined to escape the grind of city life and create a lifestyle resort on the ocean. Montse and Rodolfo, a spirited young entrepreneurial couple, with 25 years’ experience in the world of finance, tourism, infrastructure, and construction, they fell in love with Belize on their first flight two years ago. After going through the cold Boston winters for three years, they decided to settle in Belize, and have accomplished building and developing Swan Villas.

The architect, Javier Senosiain, is known for his organic and unusual designs that integrate with nature.
Swan Villas, which he designed,  have risen like mythical sea creatures around the lagoon on the Placencia Peninsula. They are built of ferro-cement and could easily be mistaken for large works of art. In fact, each building is a villa consisting of three separate units: one two-bedroom apartment and two separate private studios, making a total of four bedrooms with their own bathrooms, two balconies, a patio and enough space for up to 10.

The round king size beds mirror the exterior design, studiously avoiding the angular in favour of smooth, eye-pleasing lines. Each unit has from full kitchen to kitchenette facilities, depending on size, living space and large terraces looking towards lush gardens and the ocean, some 75 yards away.

Most bathrooms have Jacuzzis and power showers, jetted bathtubs with aromatherapy and chromotherapy systems. This truly remarkable retreat has its own permaculture fruit and vegetable gardens and an infinity swimming pool.The owners are hands-on and provide a concierge service that is second to none.  Yoga classes, bike trips to Placencia, hiking through the jungle, to kayaking and even diving with Whale Sharks.

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If you simply want to relax, and watch exotic mammals and birds,  admire the inimitable sunset and views all the way to the Maya mountains, or take a stroll along the beach, you’d be left in peace to do just that.Each villa is built with a view of the pool and has beautiful vistas of the lagoon. Being available for rent (and attracting 5 star reviews), this is a development project that will potentially see further extension. Other villas, yet to be built, will be offered for purchase together with the adjoining land and gardens. They will be professionally managed when the owners are not in residence.
Swan Villas is an outstanding concept that captures the zeitgeist to perfection – integration with nature, organics and clean, active lifestyle whose full potential has yet to be achieved.  Belize is in Central America and still fairly sparsely populated. It is English-speaking  and a part of the Commonwealth.  Lifestyle is laid back and prices comparatively low.
For large families or groups of friends Swan Villas offers a truly special holiday experience.

Each Villa is for sale with attractive financing through Atlantic Bank Belize, and will be professionally managed. Swan Villas are a great investment opportunity, for those owner/investors who want a vacation rental, a wonderful place to come relax or explore, and a location in the Caribbean that can’t be beat.

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Back in July of 2014 we told you about an amazing new resort, investment property or retirement home in Placencia Belize. Well, great news, they are open and ready for business. These impressive organic handcrafted homes are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen, and are the only kind of its type in the entire caribbean. Each 2 story home is shaped like a Swan. Located just 75 yards to the beach and having the beautiful Placencia Lagoon as your backyard, filled with wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, crocodiles and a great variety of fish and birds, it’s a nature lovers paradise.

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Under construction for several months now, the first homes are available and are a must see to believe. What more can we say, the Swan Villas have turned out absolutely stunning. Interested, and we now that you are. It would be in your best interest to contact them now.

Swan Villas Belize – Tel USA +1 617 419 0182 – BELIZE +501 621 1393

by Bernard Barbour, photos by Tammy Barbour.

A canal in Seine Bight Village is now sporting a new look.

A Seine Bight Village mangrove planting project was carried out Saturday morning August 30. Over 20 kids from the village of Seine Bight participated in planting 121 mangrove seedlings in the canal. The kids worked very hard and took a great deal of pride and satisfaction in their work. “ I’ll be back tonight to check on my mangrove” said one of the kids. Another chimed in “Number fifty is mine” as he counted the freshly planted seedlings lining the canal. After their work was complete, they were all treated to a great lunch for their hard work. There was also a demonstration by Central America Overland Expeditions, who provided two volunteers, explaining the importance of ecological conservation and displaying their expedition vehicle. The roof top tent certainly proved to be the highlight of the day as many of the children clamored up and down the ladder to check it out, and hear stories about camping the jungles of Belize.

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The Southern Environmental Association (  SEA, in association with the Global Climate Change Alliance ( sponsored the event. Starting at 9:30 AM and lasting about 3 hours, it proved to be challenging and rewarding. Abigail Parham-Garbutt, Annelise Hagan and Arreini Palacio-Morgan from SEA were on hand to provide leadership and organizational support. Also Mr Ellis Guzman was present, providing support and encouragement, a community member of Seine Bight Village.

This project, “Enhancing Belize’s Resilience to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”, launched in September 2012 is being implemented by the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Government of Belize and Southern Environmental Association. With funding from the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance, the GCCA  aims to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change in national policies and demonstrate action in support of effective governance of climate change and climate change related impacts in the water sector in Belize.

Like coral reefs, mangrove forests are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous goods and services both to the marine environment and people. “Mangroves provide vital nursery grounds for many fish species, as well as crabs, shrimp, mollusks and more” said Annelise Hagan. “The dense root systems of mangroves also trap sediments flowing down rivers and off the land, thereby helping to stabilize the coastline and preventing erosion from waves and storms” she added.

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Prior to Saturday’s activities, SEA conducted educational training to the kids that were involved in the project. Abigail Parham-Garbutt tested the children’s knowledge prior to planting the seedling. “How deep do you have to dig the hole, how do you handle a mangrove?” were just a few of the many questions that the kids blurted out the correct answer to in unison before the first seedling was planted.

By the end of the morning, after inspecting and approving of the work performed,  Arreini gave the word it was time to eat. We didn’t waste anytime.  While you may not have mangroves where you live, there is plenty you can do. Think globally, and act locally.

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Quite recently we found ourselves not trekking through jungle but in a strange new predicament……..traffic! Yes that seven letter word. Backed up for miles like traffic. The kind that makes us want to pull over and pop up the roof top tent and wait it out. See, our normal is driving off road, through the jungles, mountains, beaches, and small villages way off the beaten path. For us a normal commute is a creek crossing or two, using our winches, tow ropes, hi-lift jacks, sand mats, airing up or down our tires and pure driving skill.  So why do we get so jacked up about traffic? I guess just sitting there in your vehicle inching along is just not appealing to us……boring ! So the next time you’re sitting in traffic and you see something that looks similar to us, a 4×4 with a snorkel, roof rack, ladders, lights and all the usual paraphernalia, I tell you that driver is probably really bored. Do us and yourself a favor, how about a friendly wave or gesture to let them know it’s okay and everything is gonna be alright.  He’s probably suffering from off road anxiety. Thanks

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