Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?

We stayed the night at the campground we found in Guadalajara. It had rained that day so the grass was wet and a ┬áthick dampness settled in the air. It was nice to have some relief from the intense heat. Before setting up the tents, we stopped at an open air grille that offered aContinue reading “Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?”

A little delay in our departure date……

Well, as in any planning things change. Change can be good or bad. In this case, it is good.We had been planning a departure date of June 4th 2012 up until this point. However, Bernard’s daughter (who was supposed to join us on the trip), was notified that she was accepted to the University ofContinue reading “A little delay in our departure date……”