What’s the ” Worst ” that could happen?

  After spending several days in Barra de Navidad and seeing the small surrounding towns of La Manzanilla, Cuastecomate, Isla  Navidad and Melaque it was time for us to push on. We now had to make it across the entire width of Mexico and head to the other coast. The other coast being the AtlanticContinue reading “What’s the ” Worst ” that could happen?”

Sayulita to Barra de Navidad……almost

We heard a lot of great stories about the next town we where headed to “Barra de Navidad ” said Scott to me, ” that’s the next destination”. Our plan also included a stop in Colima  see the Volcano,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colima_(volcano) .  All the while staying on the Mexico 200 Pacific coastal  route. Now, you see when youContinue reading “Sayulita to Barra de Navidad……almost”