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“Mexico City” she lives up to her name and then some!

Posted: December 1, 2012 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel

Well, we heard all the stories about Mexico City. Heavy traffic, crime, the drug war, but yet we were still headed straight into it. All we knew is that we had to go through Mexico City to get to the other side of the country. We also knew we could have went around it, but like a biker needing a new tattoo we wanted to do, see, hear,taste and touch Mexico City. Besides, what kinda expedition team would visit a country and not see it’s capital? Mexico city with it’s 21 million people,  is one of the most important financial and cultural centers in North America and Mexico City has more theaters, museums and archaeological sites in and around the city than London and New York and we planned to see all of it.

We would be entering Mexico City in late afternoon and had vague plans to find a hostel in the city, park the trucks and see the city by foot, bus, taxi, subway, basically whatever means of transportation we could find as long as we were not driving.



And what a good plan that was, as we entered the city limits we were totally astounded. Everywhere we looked where high rise buildings,  broad palm tree-lined avenues, people riding bikes, roller bladders ,  joggers, people hustling and bustling to and from work., and lots of major traffic. As we drove further into the city, I could not help but get the feeling I was not in Mexico at all. I’ve been to a  lot of big city places, Paris, Rome, Seattle, New York and I grew up in Washington D.C., but here I was in Mexico City and I have to say it is Awesome! But don’t just take my word for it, as we have a lot of show and tell all about our wonderful exploits in Mexico City. Stay tuned!



Butterfly’s, Mariachi and Ninja camping !

Posted: November 27, 2012 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel
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Now that we had a catalytic replaced on the Rover, it was running super strong and even sounded better. Scott had some other mods done as well as the cat replaced and now the Rover had a nice growl to go with it’s awesome looks. “Time to get back on the road!” we high fived each other and continue our trek across the country of Mexico from sea to shining sea. After having a good breakfast, packing it all up, we navigated through the dense Guadalajara traffic one last time and found our way to the toll road to Mexico City.

Off with the old and on with the new.

Out on the toll road now, we could tell the Rover was running right. From Guadalajara to Mexico City is 343 miles as the crow flies and our GPS told us if we stayed the toll route we could make it in 5 hours. However being the expedition team that we are, we got off the toll road after a couple of hours and took the side roads, to see more of the real Mexico and good thing we did.

Once we exited the toll road we started to see signs for Morelia. I had read Morelia is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, with a consistent colonial-style throughout. It is not really on the well-trodden path of the leisure tourists and so you can walk around in comfort without fear of the Bermuda shorts crowd, and it is a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, Morelia is an excellent gateway city for cultural and outdoor adventures throughout the state of Michoacan, and Michoacan is home to millions of monarch butterflies. The Monarch descend on the forests of Michoacan each November and leave for their northward migration around March. And that meant unfortunately we would not be seeing any Butterfly’s.

Notice anything different about the Michoacan license Plate? Butterfly’s!

Not to worry though, as there was a lot more to do and see.

As we arrived in early afternoon, we had ample time to drive around Morelia and see all of its wonderful sites. I also couldn’t help but notice the many Mariachi groups singing on every corner. It was magical. I don’t think there was anything special going on, that’s just the kinda town Morelia is I would soon discover. Little did I know that Morelia is the home of the  National Festival of Mariachi, which  is held annually. We where totally awed as we drove through the historic district and on just about every corner there was a Mariachi group in full swing. I’ve never totally wrapped my brain around those images in my head that this is really happening, it was like being in the best Mexico movie ever. As the evening wore on we knew we needed to find a place to camp as we did not want to drive into Mexico city at night. After checking out several places that were either closed or no longer in business we ended up in the KFC parking lot right in town. Guess where we slept?

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out.