Deserts to snow capped mountains.

Entering Peru, honestly my first impression was not a good one. Although things went smoothly at the border crossing, seeing the many Venezuelan families with everything they owned, migrating to Peru because of the unrest in their homeland was deeply disturbing to me. Hundreds migrate daily, making the trek from Venezuela to Peru where theyContinue reading “Deserts to snow capped mountains.”

Bolivia, you’re already starting out so awesome!

Story by Scott Woodhams @Life all Out Photo’s by Bernard Barbour   A bucket list item was to see Cholita’s Wrestling in La Paz. We had an absolutely amazing cultural evening tonight, just outside La Paz Bolivia! 2 nights a week, local Choritas, get together and fight it out in a ring, located In aContinue reading “Bolivia, you’re already starting out so awesome!”

A camper by the sea

Our first night in Panama, quaint and quiet. The ocean waves ever so gently, just enough to lull you to sleep. Fireflies bring magic to the darkness. Thunder rolls and lighting flashes off in the distance. Silhouettes of Islands. No wifi, no cell phone, just stillness. No turtles laying eggs, no raccoons to over turnContinue reading “A camper by the sea”

Monkeys on a plane?

Well it didn’t happen that way, but our day got so mixed up it seemed like it could happen.   We broke camp saying our goodbyes to our new friends at Swiss Palm Garden, Inka and Jorg were great hosts. We had a fantastic time getting to know them, going out to eat Italian and a lotContinue reading “Monkeys on a plane?”

This Costa Rican Life

So much to do, see and experience here in Costa Rica. We thought the best way to explain this, is to show you in pictures. Enjoy.

From Leon to Lake Apoyo

  Our trek from Rancho Los Alpes near Leon to Laguna Apoyo was  scenic, easy and uneventful. After saying goodbyes to our new friends, Michele from New Zealand, Axel and his family, Alma and her parents Jim and Gina, we hit the road. Getting a much later start than we anticipated we still made itContinue reading “From Leon to Lake Apoyo”

Exploring Antigua

Our daughter is here with her boyfriend this week. We’re having a great time exploring Antigua, the market, museums, eating out. We’re really feeling like tourists this week. If you’ve not been to Antigua, you may want to put it high up on your bucket list. As they say “pictures don’t do this place justice.”Continue reading “Exploring Antigua”

Clubhouse Guatemala

by Tammy & Bernard Barbour   Sharing, serving and growing. Clubhouse Guatemala is a Christ centered ministry that desires to reach the lost of Guatemala. Clubhouse was Founded in 2008 by Mike and Carla Parker. The Parker’s desire was to go into villages and reach children and adults through block parties, clothes, face paint, cotton candy,Continue reading “Clubhouse Guatemala”


Story by Scott Woodhams Photo’s by Bernard Barbour One thing I love about traveling, is spontaneity. If you allow yourself to veer off course and explore the unknown, it is common to be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Yesterday, was another one of those incidences. We had heard about a Castillo (castle) near whereContinue reading “Spontaneity”

Horsing around in Ixpampajul

After driving thru a severe storm since the border crossing with Belize, we finally made it to Ixpampajul. Setting up camp was a muddy soggy experience. I actually had to put the truck in four wheel drive, because the ground was so soft or risk getting stuck. Finally done, we went for a quick walkContinue reading “Horsing around in Ixpampajul”