Old Land Rovers and Colombian coffee

By Scott Woodhams @Life all Out   Yesterday we ventured out to visit a 125 year old coffee farm up in the Andes mountains, above Minca Colombia. We chose to take a Toyota Land cruiser instead of our trucks, due to the low clearance on the rustic “road” leading to the farm. Although we originallyContinue reading “Old Land Rovers and Colombian coffee”

Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!

The roads leading to Tikal were surprisingly smooth, with the exception of a few miles of teeth chattering bumps. We had heard the roads were much worse conditions  than Belize or Mexico, however, so far so good. As we entered more dense growth along the way, we were excited to see the over head signContinue reading “Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!”

Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico??

We decided to have Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico. the weather was beautiful, the temperature was right, and we were feeling especially thankful for the true meaning of Easter. The plan was to purchase ADO bus tickets for a straight through drive from Cancun to Belize city, where we would meet up with Mckinley Pritchard,Continue reading “Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico??”

Expats, tour guides and video store housing!

We packed up and hesitantly started down the road toward Puerto Vallarta first thing in the morning. We had such a good time in Sayulita, that it was difficult to leave, but the road was calling. My check engine light had been giving me some problems since the trip into the jungle the day before.Continue reading “Expats, tour guides and video store housing!”

24 Days until We head to Mexico! Are we going to be ready?

Our departure date is rapidly approaching. We have been planning for this trip now for nearly a year, and now here it is, staring us in the face. We are excited,  and stressed at the same time. Do we have all of the things covered to keep the business running while we are gone? Have we thoughtContinue reading “24 Days until We head to Mexico! Are we going to be ready?”