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Gracias, Motores Britanicos, Land Rover San Salvador, El Salvador. A special thanks Mario Maravilla (Gerente Administrative) and Marina Beatriz (Asesor de Servicios) and the rest of the caring staff and technicians.Thank you for the service, support and special attention we received servicing our vehicles enabling us to keep CAOX moving forward. You all are the best! Your professional, personable and outstanding support is what we have come to expect from Land Rover and you all did not disappoint. We also enjoyed hanging out at the shop checking out all the cool Land Rovers and wishing our Spanish was better so we could talk more. Mario, we loved your Defender, and that trade for my Discovery is still on the table when you are interested, jajajajajaja. We also enjoyed checking out the wall of fame in which many Overlanders have stopped in as well. Keep up the great work and best success in the future. CAOX.

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If you’re passing through El Salvador and need work or services performed on your Rover we highly recommend Motores Britanicos, and tell them CAOX says hello.

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El Salvador update
by Scott Woodhams

We met up with a fellow Land Rover enthusiast here in El Salvador. He is a member of an exclusive golf resort, Club Salvadoreño  that he offered to let us stay at. The place is pretty spectacular. The lake was formed from a volcano eruption. Now the picturesque lake is situated amongst other volcanoes. There is so much to do that we decided to stay a few days. Kayaking, hiking, golf, boating, swimming and much more! We are in one of 5 small houses in the resort. Being that it is a weekday, we have pretty much full run of the whole resort. Landrover people are alright!

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