Meanwhile…..back in Belize

Thanks to our esteemed  co-founders  and correspondents Angela and Scott Woodhams who are now “On the Road in Belize” we have these wonderful pictures to share of daily life there. Enjoy! And if you have any questions about traveling to and around Belize please check out: On the Road in Belize

Investing in Belize? It’s easy, affordable, and unique with Swan Villas.

Swan Villas, Belize Take a slice of the Blue Caribbean Coast of Belize, add award-winning architect, and your own passion for life into the mix and what you get is magic.  Swan Villas is an exceptional project conceived by two partners who determined to escape the grind of city life and create a lifestyle resortContinue reading “Investing in Belize? It’s easy, affordable, and unique with Swan Villas.”

Land Rovers in Paradise (Belize)

Yeah we get a little excited when we see these old Landy’s still trudging alone down here in Belize. As an old Military outpost the country of Belize was full of  them many years ago, now they are getting harder to find and prices for a good used one have been going up. The oldContinue reading “Land Rovers in Paradise (Belize)”

On the Road in Belize “Like” us and share.

We are happy to announce that “On the Road in Belize”, and CAOE are collaborating to bring you up to the minute and timely information about happenings in and around Belize. If you’re interested in knowing what’s happening in Belize then “On the Road in Belize” is just for you. We’ll bring you featureContinue reading “On the Road in Belize “Like” us and share.”

Doctor prescribed ” Off Roading !”

Quite recently we found ourselves not trekking through jungle but in a strange new predicament……..traffic! Yes that seven letter word. Backed up for miles like traffic. The kind that makes us want to pull over and pop up the roof top tent and wait it out. See, our normal is driving off road, through theContinue reading “Doctor prescribed ” Off Roading !””