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Hola Amigas ! After more than a month in Ecuador we finally broke loose of Ecuador and are now in Peru. While we truly enjoyed, explored, toured, celebrated Christmas and New Years in Ecuador, it was time to get on down the road. We’ll certainly miss the cheap gas prices (making exploring the country on the cheap), the great food, the diversity of the landscapes and the wonderful people. So much to see and do in such a small country, the Galapagos, the Andeas, the Pacific coast and the Amazonian.

Driving through southern Ecuador towards Peru was very scenic. Coming down out of the high Andes and into the coast provided some spectacular scenery but was also very dangerous as we encountered many areas with rock slides, animals on the road, blind curves and very steep climbs and dips. Just taking it slow and paying full attention to the road and it’s conditions was the mantra.

Seemingly after hours of this type of driving we hit the coastal plain of Ecuador and knew the border of Peru was not far ahead. Not wanting to drive later into the dark we found a campground less than 30 minutes to the border and stayed the night. Awaking early the next morning we made it to the border before 8 am. We had heard from other overlanders that the borders of Peru were now overwhelmed with Venezuelans, leaving their home country for a better life because of the turmoil in their homeland.

Surprisingly we got there early enough to beat several bus loads of people processing and were in and out in a little over an hour. Now on our way to our first camping spot in Peru, things were looking good. We arrived at Swiss Wassi and were graciously welcomed by the host and other overlanders. A great way to end the day in Peru, right on the ocean and a fantastic place to stay for a while. Stay tuned, we’ll be moving on down the coast and more adventures to follow. Peru, we’re looking forward to discovering you.



It’s been a super busy week for us, more than we can keep up with. While I’d normally try to post most of our adventures, we’ve had more than a few days without internet. So for now, I’ll just surmise  how our week has been.


We left Copan Ruins and headed to D&D Brewery and farm.  From there we crossed the border into Nicaragua and spent two days at Somoto Canyon. We are now at Rancho Los Alpes outside of Leon. We’ll be here for several days. Thanks for following and I’ll be sure to get all of our adventures updated soon. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures.





What a great way to end our day and last evening here in Guatemala. After saying our goodbyes to our great friends Lori and Timothy Sunday in Guatemala City we hit the road headed towards the border with Honduras. We’ll be crossing over tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing Daniel and Dorothy Kent in Copan Ruins.

Meanwhile we got off the road early to find a campsite and settle in for the night. Originally our plan was to stay at a campground on the road that takes us straight into Honduras. However, Scott told us he thought he may have found something better not far away from our original pick and it was far enough off the road not to hear any traffic.

Well, here we are and in awe of such a wonderful place. Can you believe it’s only $8.00 a night with electric, wifi, bathroom and showers. Pool is extra and the farm animals are priceless. But don’t take my words for it. Check our these pictures.