Ecuador you’ll be missed, Peru looking forward to explore!

Hola Amigas ! After more than a month in Ecuador we finally broke loose of Ecuador and are now in Peru. While we truly enjoyed, explored, toured, celebrated Christmas and New Years in Ecuador, it was time to get on down the road. We’ll certainly miss the cheap gas prices (making exploring the country onContinue reading “Ecuador you’ll be missed, Peru looking forward to explore!”

More than we can keep up with.

It’s been a super busy week for us, more than we can keep up with. While I’d normally try to post most of our adventures, we’ve had more than a few days without internet. So for now, I’ll just surmise ¬†how our week has been.   We left Copan Ruins and headed to D&D BreweryContinue reading “More than we can keep up with.”

Down on the farm in Guatemala

    What a great way to end our day and last evening here in Guatemala. After saying our goodbyes to our great friends Lori and Timothy Sunday in Guatemala City we hit the road headed towards the border with Honduras. We’ll be crossing over tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing Daniel and DorothyContinue reading “Down on the farm in Guatemala”