It’s not adios, it’s hasta luego

by Tammy Barbour Alas, we will be packing up to leave Copan Ruinas on Friday. We have done so many incredible things while here. We’ve explored all over the lovely town, climbed the vast Mayan Ruins Copan, hiked a private waterfall deep in the mountains, and learned all about the bird rehabilitation at Macaw Mountain.Continue reading “It’s not adios, it’s hasta luego”


We’re enjoying our time here in the small quaint town of Copan. Tuk tuks speed by everywhere and are always readily available, taking you anywhere around town for less than a dollar. The Zocalo (central park) is aways full of ¬†food vendors, and people watching seems to be the greatest past time event. Near ourContinue reading “Copan”

Seriously, Central America is right under your nose.

Been thinking about your next travel vacation destination? Consider Central America! Now many think about the regulars, Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama to see the canal. Now I can’t argue with you, these are all wonderful spots,but have you giving some thought to Guatemala, tiny El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua. Well you should, They’re allContinue reading “Seriously, Central America is right under your nose.”

Central America travel in your 2015 dreams?

Making travel plans for Central America in 2015. We offer consulting. No matter what your means of travel are, overlanding, backpacking, biking, hiking or cycling. We can tell you the best places to stay, must things to do, and certainly make your Central American vacation an adventure you’ll never forget.