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by Tammy Barbour
Alas, we will be packing up to leave Copan Ruinas on Friday. We have done so many incredible things while here. We’ve explored all over the lovely town, climbed the vast Mayan Ruins Copan, hiked a private waterfall deep in the mountains, and learned all about the bird rehabilitation at Macaw Mountain. We’ve held Macaws, and today we had a local take us on a very rugged, mountainous, muddy hike to another amazing waterfall and to explore this ginormous cave system that is not a tourist place in the least. What I am most grateful for though is meeting and spending quality time with Daniel and Dorothy Kent and their 2 adorable children. They are stuck with us now. On Friday we start trekking across Honduras to the Nicaragua border so of course stay tuned for more adventures.





We’re enjoying our time here in the small quaint town of Copan. Tuk tuks speed by everywhere and are always readily available, taking you anywhere around town for less than a dollar. The Zocalo (central park) is aways full of  food vendors, and people watching seems to be the greatest past time event. Near our camp site at El Bosque we’ve grown accustomed to watching a soccer game anytime. Currently we’re paying less than $5.00 a night to camp, and that includes wifi, and the use of the hotel bathrooms. It’s just a slow way of life here, no rush, no fuss. We’ve spent our days touring the town, the famous Copan Ruins and plan to do some volunteer work. We’ve also visited Macaw Mountain,  explored a cave and waterfall, more on that later. Did we say we’re enjoying Honduras? We are!


We’ve also had the pleasure of meeting up with a great family whom we’ve talked with over five years on Facebook, Dorothy and Daniel Kent and their boy and girl, Daniel Jr and Pepper. They actually came to the border to meet us as we were crossing over from Guatemala, they’re fantastic host. Giving us the grand tour of Copan and it’s surroundings, introducing us to locals and making us feel right at home, we appreciate the hospitality.


We’ve learned a lot, for one, it’s very inexpensive to live here. For instance, renting a nice home can be as low as $300. a month, lunch or breakfast for two can be had under $6.00, and shopping for fresh food at the local market, you can get a weeks worth of food for under $25.00, making us think we’ll certainly want to visit Honduras again.


So far our summary of Honduras is, it’s beautiful, inexpensive  and certainly worth further exploration. Stay tuned as we do just that, and thanks for following.


Been thinking about your next travel vacation destination? Consider Central America! Now many think about the regulars, Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama to see the canal. Now I can’t argue with you, these are all wonderful spots,but have you giving some thought to Guatemala, tiny El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua. Well you should, They’re all very affordable, right under your nose, and a flight less than four hours from most major US cities will get you there. Trust us, take the plunge, pull the trigger, just do it. You’ll thank us. Happy Travels!

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