Horsing around in Ixpampajul

After driving thru a severe storm since the border crossing with Belize, we finally made it to Ixpampajul. Setting up camp was a muddy soggy experience. I actually had to put the truck in four wheel drive, because the ground was so soft or risk getting stuck. Finally done, we went for a quick walkContinue reading “Horsing around in Ixpampajul”

Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.

All good things must come to an end, and we knew our time was ticking to a close in Antigua. As much as we wanted to stay another week, month or maybe a year, the day had come when we had to trek back to Belize. Getting an early start and topping off with whatContinue reading “Back roads to adventure and 4×4 drifting Guatemala style.”