“Belizean Jungle” Ranger for a Day.

Ranger for a day, huh? It sounded easy enough for me, just like when I was a kid. Thinking we’d show up, put on a ranger hat, walk a little through the rainforest and return back to base camp, we’d be done before lunch we thought. Nope, nadda, nyet, what were we thinking? We soonContinue reading ““Belizean Jungle” Ranger for a Day.”

Discovering southern Belize’s Mayan ruins. “Nim Li Punit”

“Nim Li Punit”  I had to say it a few times to get the pronunciation right. But getting right to these spectacular Mayan ruins wasn’t much of a problem. After a quick drive from Placencia down the Southern Highway, we finally saw the sign to take a right up a long steep unpaved hill. StoppingContinue reading “Discovering southern Belize’s Mayan ruins. “Nim Li Punit””