Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!

The roads leading to Tikal were surprisingly smooth, with the exception of a few miles of teeth chattering bumps. We had heard the roads were much worse conditions  than Belize or Mexico, however, so far so good. As we entered more dense growth along the way, we were excited to see the over head signContinue reading “Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!”

Tikal Guatamala, Here we come!

After we loaded into the Landrover, we had one more stop to make. Natalie, Mckinley’s wife was flying in to Belize City from work to join us on the expedition. We will be traveling for three weeks through Guatamala and then back into Belize for another week. The airport is small,so finding her was aContinue reading “Tikal Guatamala, Here we come!”

Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?

We stayed the night at the campground we found in Guadalajara. It had rained that day so the grass was wet and a  thick dampness settled in the air. It was nice to have some relief from the intense heat. Before setting up the tents, we stopped at an open air grille that offered aContinue reading “Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?”

Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!

We made it into Barre de Navidad just in time for breakfast and to meet a man named Tom. Tom offered to be an impromptu tour guide. We drove through town, looking at the nice homes and the unique marina layout. There were three roads that featured water front homes. A large lagoon made for some desirable homes sportingContinue reading “Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!”

Expats, tour guides and video store housing!

We packed up and hesitantly started down the road toward Puerto Vallarta first thing in the morning. We had such a good time in Sayulita, that it was difficult to leave, but the road was calling. My check engine light had been giving me some problems since the trip into the jungle the day before.Continue reading “Expats, tour guides and video store housing!”

Sayulita Mexico-

You probably last remember that we were caught up in a traffic jam headed toward Puerto Vallarta Mexico, when we decided to make a small detour to visit the town of Sayulita Mexico. As we pulled into town, it was difficult to take it all in. Everywhere we looked offered fascinating sites. There were numerousContinue reading “Sayulita Mexico-“

Lo De Marcos Mexico, the surfs up?

We left San Blas headed towards Puerto Vallarta with no particular destination in mind. We had heard of a few small towns that might be interesting to visit. One of those towns was Lo De Marcos. We rolled into town looking for a campground. After some challenging one way streets, we came to campground row.Continue reading “Lo De Marcos Mexico, the surfs up?”

We had a run in with the law in Durango!

**Note** I do not have many pictures in this post. Due to the situation outlined below, you will see we were much too busy to take pictures. If you have to have pictures, please read another one of our posts. Thanks! At Some time during the afternoon, we decided to head out to a campsiteContinue reading “We had a run in with the law in Durango!”

Hidalgo Mexico- Not for the faint of heart!

I do not even know where to begin on this one. We experienced so much in such a short period of time. We left the border heading toward Monterrey Mexico. Angela found a campsite in Hidalgo that looked interesting. We decided to head in that direction to see if we could find a place forContinue reading “Hidalgo Mexico- Not for the faint of heart!”

We are leaving in 18 days… what is the plan?

Our departure date is less than 3 weeks away! Bernard stopped by the house so we could go over our travel plans. We mulled over maps, discussed people we hoped to meet up with along the way, and time lines. I had to keep reminding myself, “It is the journey, not the destination”. I have aContinue reading “We are leaving in 18 days… what is the plan?”