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After running the gauntlet of flooded roads and cow herds, we pulled into El Cuco just before dark looking for a “tranquillo” spot to refresh our minds and bodies before the mayhem of trying to cross two borders and traverse three Central American countries in one day. Our plan of attack was to chill in El Cuco for a few days, then move on. Getting up early the next day, driving from El Salvador, through Honduras and into Nicaragua was the plan.

With its wide soft black sand beaches, tall palm trees, and constant surf, this has got to be the best spot to be in El Salvador. We arrived just before sunset at the La Tortuga Verde.  We were immediately attracted to this place and fell in love with it as soon as we passed through its gates. La Tortuga Verde is a sea turtle sanctuary, hostel, restaurant, bar, and has a host of activities in which to participate in. All of our favorite things rolled up into one location, you betcha. We patrolled the beach at night, but unfortunately we didn’t spot any turtles. However there were some eggs over in the nursery that were going to hatch within a few days.

Also watch out for the one winged Pelican. He runs the place. It was fun watching him go up to the restaurant window and beg for food.

We only stayed one night and had a great time. The room was clean with a comfortable bed. The beach is gorgeous, and there are plenty of hammocks. The food is reasonably priced to expensive, but quite good, and there are some cheap options within walking distance along the beach

If you’re looking for the best tranquil spot in all of El Salvador, La Tortuga Verde is it. Tomorrow we’ll attempt the two borders and three country crossing adventure.

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San Salvador to El Cuco

Posted: September 29, 2014 by Central America Overland Expeditions in Expedition/Travel
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The trucks were finally finished and we were anxious to get back on the road. We were warned that it was going to be tough going to get out of San Salvador on a Friday afternoon dealing with rush hour and weekend traffic. It was also bittersweet since spending a week in San Salvador, we had to come to love San Salvador and all it had to offer. Another plus was meeting up with the El Salvador Land Rover Club, that was a big plus. We’ll have more to tell you about that later.

As we battled the traffic heading east out of the city, it quickly became a game of chicken with taxi’s, busses, pedestrians, mopeds, bicycles and animals. An all out free for all, dodging speed bumps, huge crater-like potholes, military and police checkpoints, but we were making progress ever so slowly. Often all the lanes but one would close down forcing causing everyone to merge into one lane because of construction or some disabled vehicle. The trucks got split up several times, but we always followed protocol, if we lose sight of each other we always pull over and wait until the other catches up. After what seemed like hours we made it to the outskirts of San Salvador and picked up CA 2. Finally on the outskirts of town, we started moving along at a steady 60 mph and enjoying the amazing views of the volcanoes.

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When we saw the sign for San Vicente, we took a right off CA 2 went thru San Vicente and got on an unpaved road heading south that would hook us up to CA 1. This unpaved road turned out to be quite an adventure, as more than two or three times we had to come to a complete stop for animals in the road. And these animals owned the road.

Eventually we hooked up with CA 1 and started heading east again until we saw the sign for El Cuco. Again driving over another volcano, we rolled into town just before dark. It was great to arrive at La Tortuga Verde. Stay tuned for updates as we try our hand as sea turtle conservationists.

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We’re happy to be here and it seems like every corner we turn so are the El Salvadorians. Everyone is happy, waves, says hello and ” Bienvenidos”. The beaches are fantastic, the food is great, and all the amenities such as shopping and sightseeing are phenomenal. There are mountains (Volcanoes) to climb, nature parks, quaint colonial cities and beautiful coastal beaches.The only question we now have is, why haven’t we come here sooner? Now the problem is, we’re going to have a hard time leaving. So stay tuned as more of our adventure unfolds and we get a moment to catch our breaths with updates. “Viva El Salvador and Bienvenidos”