Exploring the unexplored

By Scott Woodhams @Life all Out   We had another absolutely incredible day today in Honduras! Daniel and Dorothy (@adventurecopan) picked us up early in their Toyota Troopy. This is a coveted vehicle in the States, and even rare here in Central America. Our trip began on pot holes roads, leading to a dirt roadContinue reading “Exploring the unexplored”


We’re enjoying our time here in the small quaint town of Copan. Tuk tuks speed by everywhere and are always readily available, taking you anywhere around town for less than a dollar. The Zocalo (central park) is aways full of  food vendors, and people watching seems to be the greatest past time event. Near ourContinue reading “Copan”

Central America travel in your 2015 dreams?

Making travel plans for Central America in 2015. We offer consulting. No matter what your means of travel are, overlanding, backpacking, biking, hiking or cycling. We can tell you the best places to stay, must things to do, and certainly make your Central American vacation an adventure you’ll never forget.

Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!

The roads leading to Tikal were surprisingly smooth, with the exception of a few miles of teeth chattering bumps. We had heard the roads were much worse conditions  than Belize or Mexico, however, so far so good. As we entered more dense growth along the way, we were excited to see the over head signContinue reading “Howler monkeys and roaring Jaguars, oh my!”

Tikal Guatamala, Here we come!

After we loaded into the Landrover, we had one more stop to make. Natalie, Mckinley’s wife was flying in to Belize City from work to join us on the expedition. We will be traveling for three weeks through Guatamala and then back into Belize for another week. The airport is small,so finding her was aContinue reading “Tikal Guatamala, Here we come!”

Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico??

We decided to have Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico. the weather was beautiful, the temperature was right, and we were feeling especially thankful for the true meaning of Easter. The plan was to purchase ADO bus tickets for a straight through drive from Cancun to Belize city, where we would meet up with Mckinley Pritchard,Continue reading “Easter dinner in Cancun Mexico??”

Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?

We stayed the night at the campground we found in Guadalajara. It had rained that day so the grass was wet and a  thick dampness settled in the air. It was nice to have some relief from the intense heat. Before setting up the tents, we stopped at an open air grille that offered aContinue reading “Stranded in Guadalajara! Is the trip over?”

Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!

We made it into Barre de Navidad just in time for breakfast and to meet a man named Tom. Tom offered to be an impromptu tour guide. We drove through town, looking at the nice homes and the unique marina layout. There were three roads that featured water front homes. A large lagoon made for some desirable homes sportingContinue reading “Tour guides, prison bars, and mechanical problems, all in the life!”

And we are off!

It has been a trying past couple of weeks. You know from following our progress, all of the things we were trying to pack in with the trip preparations. The good news, we have completed everything that is going to get done. It seems, every turn there were three more things popping up that neededContinue reading “And we are off!”

Photo shoot in the rain?

After many hot sunny days this spring, we have encountered rain today. And boy, has it rained! It began at 6:00 am this morning, and has rarely let up all day. Don’t get me wrong. We need the rain. We need it desperately. Our local lake is over 9 feet below full pool. Designated swimming areas areContinue reading “Photo shoot in the rain?”