Officialy, the Christmas season has begun.

In Colombia it’s traditional to light candles and let the fireworks explode on the 7th of December. This day is know as ” Día de las velitas” Little Candles Day. One of the most observed traditional holidays in Colombia, December 7th, the eve of the Immaculate Conception is a public holiday in Colombia.This day isContinue reading “Officialy, the Christmas season has begun.”

Chile 2 Argentina

  Okay, I know many of you all are asking what happened to our Bolivia and Chile post. Well never fear, I’ll certainly get around to posting them. Truth be told we spent many days in Bolivia as well as a few in Chile with no access to wifi, blame it on the desert. Or,Continue reading “Chile 2 Argentina”

Chacabuco. A ghost town in Chile’s desert.

A ghost town begins. 1924 , the Lautaro Nitrate Company Ltd., Chacabuco soon fell into ruin as the nitrate mining boom in Chile came to an abrupt halt at the end of the 1930s. Synthetic nitrate had been invented in Germany at the turn of the 20th century and by the 1930s and 40s hadContinue reading “Chacabuco. A ghost town in Chile’s desert.”

Bolivia, you’re already starting out so awesome!

Story by Scott Woodhams @Life all Out Photo’s by Bernard Barbour   A bucket list item was to see Cholita’s Wrestling in La Paz. We had an absolutely amazing cultural evening tonight, just outside La Paz Bolivia! 2 nights a week, local Choritas, get together and fight it out in a ring, located In aContinue reading “Bolivia, you’re already starting out so awesome!”

Ecuador you’ll be missed, Peru looking forward to explore!

Hola Amigas ! After more than a month in Ecuador we finally broke loose of Ecuador and are now in Peru. While we truly enjoyed, explored, toured, celebrated Christmas and New Years in Ecuador, it was time to get on down the road. We’ll certainly miss the cheap gas prices (making exploring the country onContinue reading “Ecuador you’ll be missed, Peru looking forward to explore!”

Praise to the Penny, and a coincidental dollar.

Is there a correlation? I’ve been enamored with Ecuador currency situation since I’ve arrived. Of course I knew that the official currency was the dollar, but what I’d didn’t really understand was about the coins. Ecuadorian centavos (coins) bear the numeric value along with the value spelled out in spanish, and the words Banco Central delContinue reading “Praise to the Penny, and a coincidental dollar.”

Monkeying around in Misahualli

When we first entered town, heading straight for the zocalo, I was immediately distracted. I thought I saw a monkey just run past me, snatch a soda from a kid, open the bottle and  attempt to drink the contents. I say attempt, because figuring out how to hold the bottle of soda right and notContinue reading “Monkeying around in Misahualli”