Chile 2 Argentina


Okay, I know many of you all are asking what happened to our Bolivia and Chile post. Well never fear, I’ll certainly get around to posting them. Truth be told we spent many days in Bolivia as well as a few in Chile with no access to wifi, blame it on the desert. Or, when we did have wifi, it certainly wasn’t strong enough to publish stories or upload photos. So here we are in Argentina playing catch up. Trust me it’s been a interesting times to get to this point. So without further ado, I’ll pick up the story from here.

Ruta 60 from Chile to Mendoza Argentina threw everything at us. Long dark tunnels, almost 30 switchbacks with hairpin curves, steep climbs and descents with no guard rails, but spectacular scenery. Finally reaching the Argentina border was a relief. Would we do it again? Absolutely!

Again, thanks for following and in a few days or so, I’ll post on our adventure through Bolivia and Chile.


Published by bernardbarbour

Expedition leader, writer and photographer @Tales of the Pan American Highway. Currently on the road to Ushuaia Argentina. Follow me , 4x4 overlanding. #overlandsouthamerica #overlandcentralamerica

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