Praise to the Penny, and a coincidental dollar.

Is there a correlation? I’ve been enamored with Ecuador currency situation since I’ve arrived. Of course I knew that the official currency was the dollar, but what I’d didn’t really understand was about the coins.

Ecuadorian centavos (coins) bear the numeric value along with the value spelled out in spanish, and the words Banco Central del Ecuador  on the reverse is printed with the portrait and name of a notable Ecuadorian, as well as the legend “República del Ecuador” and the country’s coat of arms. The exception is the one-cent coin, which rather than bearing a portrait, is printed with a map of the Americas and bears the legend “Ecuador, Luz de América” (“Ecuador, Light of America”). The coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and the  Mexican Mint.

But the coin I love the most is actually the America Dollar coin “Sacagawea”.  You can read more about the coin here: Sacagawea history. Although the coin was barely circulated in the United States, here in Ecuador they are widely used. As a matter of fact, if you go into most shopping establishments and use an actual paper $1.00 bill you might get a funny look.

And thus this brings me to an observation, conclusion, coincidence, whatever you want to call it. Here goes. If you look at the Sacagawea coin with her carrying the baby, and looking around here in Ecuador you see the same resemblance.  Again, just an observation. Interesting to say the least huh? Your thoughts?


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